something you probably don't remember if your looking it up here.

ohhhh man last night was crazy!

you know this! lets do it again tonite!!
by TWISTER420 April 1, 2008
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The idiots way of sayingLast night’s”
P1: I had so much fun during last nights overwatch gaming session
P2: Mate don’t you mean Last night’s? You Idiot
by The Enigma of the Void July 5, 2020
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The ultimate basic bitch euphemism for "look at this filtered picture of me looking hot...last night."
Did you see the picture Becky posted with the caption "About Last Night"? Bitch just went to Olive Gardens.
by TheSavage1234 March 14, 2018
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A lie told to a partner the morning after underwhelming sex. It can also be accompanied by: that was a lot of fun, you were great, we should do this again, I have to go to work and I’ll call you .
“Wow last night was great, but I have to go to work.”
“Will I see you again?”
“Yeah I’ll call you.”
by Alibaster Slim December 5, 2011
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infamous quote from 'the american jigalo' thanking the sexed up partner for last night
american jigalo 'thankyou for last night'
by imi n tara August 24, 2007
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When someone eats enough food right before going to bed that they're still full in the morning.
"Hey, wanna grab breakfast?"
"No thanks man I had a huge sandwich before going to bed last night."
"Ahhh, a Last-Night Breakfast!"
by TSturm October 13, 2008
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A question that is genre defining a life altering cue or question

Or a question made last night
Kurtis what did you think of Fadra’s speach at Plato’s dinner party in symposium?”
“That’s a last night question”
by Cool guy INC January 4, 2023
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