Every time I've looked up food phrases on Urban Dictionary, they've all had sexual definitions.
by Karen Stickney December 10, 2006
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A word used to describe an activity or activities, that would normally arouse any person(s), or cause one to become erect.
Britney made several Sexual Advances twards me, this entire night!
by BriaN! March 15, 2004
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him covering himself in sunblock - just plain sexual
by Lizzieleaf November 19, 2010
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nickname for someone you think is cool or you like

describing in a good way
sup sexual?
those jeans are so sexual or
person 1:how was your day?
person 2:sexual
by Lizy's_hot June 10, 2005
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used to descrbe something that is cool!
o.m.g that fridge magnet is sexual!
by liam bell July 15, 2006
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