a guys "thing" which he puts in the girls hood
"dang girl! his ornament is HUGE!"
"his ornament felt amazing in my hood"
by KateKT January 11, 2006
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a trophy chinese bitch trotted out in public only for show
Sean Kinsella thinks he is cool because he is banging that ornamental with him.
by Nipsey Chunkalot May 13, 2003
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An oriental woman, typically beautiful, often considered a trophy or status date.

Often seen in the movies accompanying the rich and famous at ritzy clubs.
"Check out that ornamental with Brad."
"Yeah man, lucky jackass."
by Derriere January 3, 2006
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a very fake person who bandwagons to whatever the "popular kids" thinks is cool
Nick is such an ornament, its really annoying
by Fagito 99 December 14, 2004
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A beautiful female specimen worth permanently mounting upon your erect penis for all the world to see.
Example 1: Check her out...I would so make her my wood ornament.


Example 2: (pick up line) Excuse me ma'am, how would you like to be my wood ornament?
by ImperialFleet1 June 23, 2011
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a peice of shit hanging from your penis after giveing anal
guy 1 well i fucked amanda up the ass
Guy2 how was it?
Guy 1 good until i got a christmas ornament
by killmeihavenolife November 5, 2009
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A comely young woman who would look right at home perched on your penis. Used as a decoration for your wang.
"Heather looks nice tonight, maybe I'll use her as a dick ornament."
by Silence March 26, 2003
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