A standstill is a human being who struggles to associate with social norms. They very rarely talk and are known to linger outside social groups. The term standstill is derived from their tendency to stand near people but with no interaction.
"Why is he being such a standstill today, I have had enough"
by GWanker96 February 19, 2014
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A rare breed of turtle located on the coast of Niger. Known for its quick movements, only seen when no one else is around. Food source(s): Oxygen
1st Person: "That is an amazing turtle!"
2nd Person: "Ah, the African Standstill. Don't turn your back on it, you'll never see him again."
by kingHaxsor February 17, 2009
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When having sex and the guy tells the girl not to move and they both are being perfectly still and then he cums anyway.
Bro, I cannot believe I did a standstill with Jade last night only 4 minutes in. I doubt I'll be hitting that again!

Quickee cum premature ejaculation sex
by Mexican Juan April 30, 2016
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