Currency in terms of hundreds of dollars. "Five small" = $500. "Five large" = $5,000.
"How much did you win at the casino last night?"

"I won five small" ($500)
by dtothep April 12, 2011
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an eighth of marijuana. technically 3.5 grams.
A) i'm looking for a small, how much?
B) it'll be 30 (dollars)
by slak October 4, 2003
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It's a small word to describe something not very big. Also I only made this to see what it would say on a mug.
bob: billy you are small
billy: do you mean that in a bad way
bob: yes
billy: NOOOOO
by i give up on finding a name January 14, 2021
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High or intoxicated on a drug. Originated from the Steve Martin skit: "Let's Get Small"
Let's get small off this weed.
by Doomhammr May 18, 2006
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