A new menstration sanitary device. Inserted directly into the vagina, designed collect the blood in a durable cup that lasts for up to 12 hours.Painful at first but, when used properly much more efficent than a tampon or pad.
Menstrating girl 1: Hey Tina do you have a tampon?
Menstrating girl 2: Sorry Mabel but I only have insteads.
Menstrating girl 1: WTF??
Menstrating girl 2: Just put them in like a tampon, but much further.
Menstrating girl 2: My finger gets bloody but my underware are spotless!!
Both: incessant giggling
by Meowmebabe May 30, 2004
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When you're doing anything but the assignment that you're supposed to. Avoiding writing your paper/essay or doing any study related activity by involving yourself in anything that can distract you Procrastination.
She ended up insteading in the lounge all night instead of working on the paper that was due last monday.
by Michael B. Andersen May 18, 2008
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What you get when you think your fart is gonna be air but instead its mud. its a 50/50 gamble.
I tought I was gonna rip a nice fart but i actually shit my pants.
Ah my friend, you got mud instead of wind.
by kidlou December 26, 2011
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.........Who could it have been???
Hym "Hey, anybody else remember "Da" instead of "the" guy? He was on here for a while and he always replaced the word "the" with "da" and would write every night (almost as much as me). Remember that guy? He was one of the few guys who was always active. Him and the Cajun guy were the most notable. I wonder who "Da" instead of "the" guy could have been 🤔 Dr. Jeepjorp Peepeestones? Huh? Want to weight in? Who do YOU think "Da" instead of "the" guy was? Hohohohoho! Wouldn't that be a plot twist, huh? If it was Dr. Jeepjorp. I doubt anyone but me remembers. Not a lot of OGs on around that time... Vote section is closed to me now so I wouldn't even know if they are still active. I think I remember a pretty hardcore red pill guy as well.... Nobody making any movies or anime series about them, are they? "Da" instead of "the" guy.... Hmm... Wonder if he knows who he was dealing with yet... I wonder who he was... I wonder how he's doing... Good? Bad? Probably a little of both..."
by Hym Iam August 4, 2022
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Apparently if you make a banana milkshake with salt instead of sugar it tastes like jizz
I don’t fucking know just make a banana milkshake with salt instead of sugar because your a coward and don’t want to drink your own nutmilk like a chad
by Eating_a_hoodie April 29, 2021
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