when a man is wearing very nice clothes, or the latest fashions (pimp clothes)and is matching perfectly.
o shit son, look at dat white boy all decked out and shit nigga
by pimp daddy dollars August 22, 2004
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Adjective: Someone or something that is really extravagant and awesome looking. To be "pimped out."

*Homer and Bart drive by Mr. Burns' mansion*

Bart: Holy cow! That's one decked out mansion!

Homer: Mmmmmmmmmm.......decked out mansion.
by MOSthedeth April 11, 2009
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When a fat girl gets dressed up in expensive clothing and walks(wattles) around as she pertends she's the hottest girl in the hood.
Dee: yo bro you see that sexy fat bitch?
Mac: yeah bro she's totally decked out
by sexyington January 9, 2013
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To be punched or 'decked' so hard that one is knocked out or 'out cold'
Aw man, Harry just got decked out!
by Curtis Jeffs April 15, 2008
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completely free, boring. Nothing to do. Completely empty.
my weekend is decked out.
by booze101 January 17, 2008
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to be excited about seeing someone, doing something, etc. or to not be excited.
i was so decked out to see my ex!!!
i wasnt decked out when i found out we had to do a drug test.
by alysserson May 23, 2007
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I'm so decked out ...
& I'm ready to go have some fun with guys ,bro.. ..you know what I mean?
by maxin June 19, 2010
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