A good word to use to describe something that is obscenely good.
"Matey, last night can only be described as pornographic"
by Bot_40 June 29, 2006
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that of being of some sort of smut,nudity at it's finest, intercoarse, showing penetration,,,
his large pornographic cock entered her cunt very deeply,
by mikey1969 February 7, 2008
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The singular instance of pornography, a single solitary pornographic image. Similar in it's meaning to electron micrograph (electron microscopy), photograph (photography) or radiograph (radiography).
Eric: Hey Jonny, I forgot to bring my porno mag, throw me your emergency pornograph

Jonny: One second man, let me get my wallet.
by dark-photon November 21, 2013
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1: What my grandmother refers to T&A in movies as.

2: A scientific model that charts the explosion of the information superhighway as a means to transmit age sensitive material of a sexual nature.
1: "Today I came home early and found your grandfather watching The Pornograph."

2: "According to The Pornograph, all recorded information will be consumed and inundated by full frontal penetration and hardcore nudity by 2025"
by DemonDes March 24, 2008
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can mean one of a number of things :

a) photographer of professional porn stars

b) a derogatory term for for a person who puts torfies/midfies of themselves/others online. c) offensive term for a male photographing female lingerie models

d) a ted bundy/manson type character who takes pics of women after raping them.
have you ever seen a pornographer definition a)? I mean it would probably be Seth Cohen
by Sexydimma December 8, 2016
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What you use to watch pornography.
I tried to watch pornography, but I couldn't find my pornograph.
by Kuroko September 17, 2003
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Term created by sociologist Frank Furedi to describe how childrens lives are increasing subject to sexual imagery, imagery the children themselves do not understand as sexual. Term first appeared in an essay on The First Post website

Leopard skin bikinis for kids are so pornographied
Why do we need a 'Bratz babyz' range, marketed at three-year-olds, which includes dolls dressed in leather and lingerie. Thats just pornographication.
A recent ad with Christina Aguilera dressed as a schoolgirl licking a lollipop is just pornographication

by Maz Old Boy February 27, 2007
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