Those outside of Japanese culture, who, through fandom and such, have somehow gotten the idea that Japan is better than wherever they are living, and try their hardest to be Japanese. This behavior, however, may show in people who aren't Japanese, and simply enjoy the Japanese culture they know, having no desire to be Japanese or idea that Japan is better than where they live. Wapanese are the extreme stereotype of obsession with Japanese culture.
If it's Japanese, I LIKE IT. (Shallow minded?)
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
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Wannabe Japanese. NOT "white japanese" or anything like that, WANNABE JAPANESE.
This definition doesn't only pertain to white people, idiots. Stop being racist.
by Arch0wl July 07, 2005
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A wannabe Japanese person, or someone who is entirely obsessed with anything Japanese. Also known as a Weeaboo. For some reason, they've gotten the idea that Japan and the Japanese are vastly superior to any other culture, including their own. Wapanese have most of the following characteristics:

1. They parade around public places drinking Ramune and eating Pocky, telling everyone within earshot that it's Japanese and oh so good.

2. They buy only Japanese clothing through the internet, or they buy cosplay outfits off of ebay and wear them during events such as Halloween, or even worse, during any day of the year.

3. They claim to be "teaching themselves Japanese" but only know a few words and spell/pronounce them wrong.

4. They use online translators to translate their MySpace profiles to Japanese, so that none of their friends can read it and they can feel smart/superior. Should someone who actually understands Japanese try to read it, they wouldn't understand it either because it was done through a cheap ass translator.

5. They get offended and make excuses (I was tired, I have bad spelling, "whatever") when someone who actually understands Japanese corrects their bad grammar/spelling/pronunciation.

6. They only listen to Japanese music, and worship Japanese bands and singers as if they were gods. They also spend hours at a time watching videos of their favorite Japanese bands "being funny" on YouTube.

7. Their rooms are filled with Japanese things like stuffed animals, Samurai swords, anime, manga and games. Their bedroom walls are covered in pictures of Japanese bands or characters from manga and anime.

8. They name all of their pets after Japanese band members, anime and manga characters.

9. They are obsessed with and chase after Japanese boys and girls, but always fail to get with one.

10. They claim they want to move to and live in Japan, and act as if they are superior just for making that decision.

11. They ask everyone to call them by their Japanese name.
The Wapanese will swear off anything that isn't Japanese. For instance, if you offer them a headphone to listen to some of your music.

Wapanese Kid: "No, I only listen to Japanese bands."

The snottier they sound about it, the more Wapanese they are.
by aune February 09, 2009
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A derogatory term used to describe any person fanatical about the Japanese culture and tries to become Japanese at any expense(and usually failing.)

A wapanese person is more acurately described as a social misfit that tries to find belonging by means of the Japanese Culture by entering a group or other groups of people with similar background and common interest(that being the Japanese culture.)

Possible a case of Yellow Fever
1.Outside of class, due to their lack of ability, first year Japanese students speak Wapanese with other students instead of Japanese in its entirity.

2. Japanese find it cute when Americans speak Wapanese.
by Gringo December 03, 2004
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A non-Japanese person who has developed a severe affection for Japanese exported popular cultural items, particularly anime, snack foods, toys, video games, and other mass-produced trinkets (while caring little about Japan as a nation or as a people). Such fans are typically young white Americans, which led them to be labeled with this decidedly racially-charged nickname. Although extremely irritating, they are ultimately harmless, as few become proficient enough in the actual Japanese language to actually travel to Japan to become Janks, McSenseis, or etc. The average "Wapanese" should only be given the same weight as that of the Radiohead fan, or similar follower of middle-America strobe-flash trends.
To a Wapanese, a box of Pocky chocolate sticks is high cuisine from an alien planet that should be carried around prominiently in the webbing of their rucksacks for all the world to see, rather than a cheap box of oversweet junk food.
by The 2-Belo December 01, 2003
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Wapanese, to some people, would mean something like "a white person acting like Japanese", but I come from a country where there are also a growing number of people who mindlessly worship Japan and anything Japanese, to the point of downgrading and hating altogether their point of origin.

Let's just say that "Wapanese" are "Wannabe Japanese"

What marks a Wapanese from other people? Non-Japanese people who watch anime, read manga and study Japanese culture and language are not Wapanese. Now, let us define this scourge of the modern world, shall we?

Wapanese are people who:

1. Are obsessed to a mentally unstable level with anything connected with Japan, like the Japanese language, Japanese customs, and Japanese cultural fads to the point that they smother themselves with these in order to bury their own origins. For example, a person named "Maria Punzalan", in an attempt to become Japanese, would actually use a Japanese-inspired pseudonym in her fanfics or her shitty art, like "Sakuranomiya Seijunomita". Urgh. How pathetic.

2. They believe that Japan is the best country that the world has ever seen. They don't care that Japan views their people If they could, they would shed of their identities and scrape off their skin and names just to be Japanese. A person named John Robert dela Cruz would hate to be named such and would rather be a Japanese high school student named Keitaro Something Miaymoto. And surrounded with girls.

3. The artists among their kind are EXTRAORDINARILY CLOSE-MINDED about other kinds of art. In Deviantart, there are people who make up second rate imitations of manga who dislike other forms of illustration. If a group of these turds come from, say, a country with a long tradition of comics, they would loathe their native works to no end, snub them and then exalt their chosen manga idols.

4. Do they know anything about Japan, really? No. They may listen to asinine J-pop songs that endlessly moan about love and pink hearted matters, they may pepper their conversations with "shonen-ai", "kawaii" and "ganbare", they may fill their typed words with retarded emoticons like "^_^", and they may make second rate manga art with storylines ripped from some CLAMPmanga, but THEY ARE IGNORANT about Japanese history, as they are apathetic about their own origins. I have never encountered a Wapanese fangirl who can name Japan's first emperor.

5. They have also unhealthy obsessions with supposedly handsome anime characters that resemble chopsticks painted with faces. They do such in a toxic level that other people who see that they worship some bony asshat drawn on paper would vomit to death.

6. And last but not the least, they act as if they are some bastard mixture of Card Captor Sakura and Inuyasha. They do a lot of mannerisms that resemble those of anime characters, like pouting when they are upset, or making those strange purring noises they think are cute (they've picked up those from anime characters). They could not come to think that those mannerisms, though cute to some, are uttely irritating.
Could we stage a riot against these Wapanese?
by Brown A. Laquindanum September 19, 2006
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Caucasian Americans that follow the ways of Japanese culture so they can be "Japanese." They are the reasons why many Japanese-Americans look down on us. If the Wapaneseism becomes too much of fad by many Caucasian-Americans then our fellow Japanese-American counterparts will actually start to think mainstream Americans are retarded
Jill(Wapanese person)- Hey look im Kagome, im gonna do Japanese stuff and hate on America.
Tomi(Actual Japanese Person)- Jill, you are one stupid Moron and a "Bakayaru", and thanks to you now I think America is filled with wannabe retards that watch Anime 24-7. And if you don't like your country, you can leave it and I came here for a better life and im actually liking America.
by The Harmeister April 21, 2005
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