apparently this has become a place to diss the japanese which, speaking as an english-japanese, is quite funny actually as obviously some of you are incredibly ignorant and have probably never been to japan in your life. It is an awesome country which has an amazing unique culture like every other country in the world...and yes, that includes China and Korea. It has very beautiful temples, yummy food, quirky gadgets that make you re-think the japaneses' sanity and some very cool people...some japanese people are reserved, but sometimes, once you get them to open their shell they can be as fun and crazy as yourself. However most are not overly affectionate and seem to think it’s necessary to say ‘please’ and thank you’ as many times as possible. Some adore manga and anime, drinking sake, karaoke bars etc. The Japanese are proud of their country, but haven’t they a right to be? I think many work way too hard, but I guess it hasn't really harmed them as they have made Japan one wicked place to go and visit. In all, it’s difficult to quite sum up a Japanese person without mentioning their seems to go hand in hand.
japanese ads are the worst ever, but bless them, they do try!
by JazzGal August 20, 2006
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japanese today have (not all but the majority)
1.good style
2.good music
3.good horror films/storyline
4.good anime/manga
5.good technology
japanese in the past did do some horrible things but you cant use that against the japanese generation today. their ancestors are gone. there are bad people and good people in every country....japan, china, korea, america, canada, name it. not all japanese are bad people.
american use japanese horror films/storylines such as "the grudge" and "the ring".
by xxxblueberryzxxx October 27, 2006
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Something that is from Japan, i.e. people, products, language, whatever.

Abroad from Japan, Japanese people can be easily distinguished by the camera they ALWAYS wear around the neck. They appear mostly in clusters taking pictures of some old unimportant buildings some travellers' guide told them about.

Japanese products are also easily distinguishable, as they are ALWAYS technologically superior to the equivalent product in your own country. Especially Japanese toilets are the shit! XD

The Japanese language is kewl as well and comes with sub-titles most of the time. They pretend not to have the letter 'L', but actually speak the letter 'R' like an 'L', so that in the end they suck at pronouncing the letter 'R'.

Non-Japanese dude: Meet my dog! He's great, but it's annoying when he barks and chases cats.
Japanese dude: I programmed my rittre dog to ignore non-human creatures and not to bark at arr.
Non-Japanese dude: O_o

Non-Japanese dude: WTF?! Why isn't here any toilet-paper?
Japanese dude: You don't need toiret-paper, the toiret creans your ass automaticarry.
Non-Jap: SWEET!!

Non-Jap: Hey, wanna play with me some games on my brand-new PS2?
Japanese: My PS946 > your PS2
Non-Jap: Ahh, fuck off!
by Promonex December 4, 2005
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A world-wide organization of tourists sponsorized by camera manufacturers and airlines.

Apparently, it has recently be shown that this organization in fact HAS a country, called Japan.
*clic*, *clic* "Sugoooiii", *clic*, *clic*...

A japanese with his/her camera, probably visitting something
by Pampa July 11, 2008
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People or objects that originates from Japan.

...and if that definition gets a thumb down, it’s probably because you are racist against them; usually for no reason other than your unwillingness to accept their economical success (or envy in some cases), hatred from what they have done in the past when you yourself are ignorant about what many other countries have done to Japan and other countries (I am not saying what Japan did in the past isn't wrong, but seriously, don’t base your opinions on tales of some drunk before actually checking its reliability from a good source), and trying to look cool by trashing the Japanese produced entertainment (such as animes or Video Games) without ever experiencing them or knowing that there are more to Japan’s culture than what you see in stores and TVs (Venturing into the outside world or researching helps), that is called being shallow.
by Person July 12, 2006
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Used to refer to a person or an object that is from the country of Japan. Japanese people exhibit several noticeable characteristics:
1) Average height of a Japanese male is 5'7" but is gradually increasing because of changes in diet. Average height of a female is 5'4".
2) Average weight of Japanese people is significantly lower than that of other countries. However, it is also increasing because of changes in diet.
3) Japanese (like Koreans) are easily distinguishable from other Asians because they have the smallest eyes and flat faces. As a result, eye-widening surgery is by far the most popular surgery in Japan and Korea. This is evident in the way their celebrities look.
4) Baseball is by far their most popular sport, followed by soccer.
5) Are workaholics that live in a technogically advanced society, with world leaders in video gaming, automobile, and electronics companies.
6) Also tend to live in extremely cramped spaces, with half the population of the U.S. squeezed into a space the size of California.
"At the moment, anime and video games are the most prominent thing that are associated with the Japanese."
by Aki May 27, 2004
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A type of Asian. Their diet consits of rice and raw fish called sushi. Dolphins are an example. They are the one that makes everyday anime. Some of those anime are turned to hentai, which is basically cartoon porn. Many games come from thse people as well. Japanese of these have problems with fabricating history, mostly with the one having to do with World War 2.
Hanzo Hattori: What's your favorite sushi?
Ayumi Hamasaki: Dolphins.

Nobunaga Oda: Wanna watch anime with me?
Osaska: Depends, is it hentai?

MacArthur: Hey dude, remember Pearl Harbor?
Shinto: Oh yeah. the one where those Vietnamese people pretended to be us Japanese and attacked you that started World War 3?
by LagunaBolt May 19, 2007
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