2 Percies and a Xan; That's a Sleeping bag. I got 2 bad bitches in my sleeping bag. Finna suck me up, told that bitch let Migos smash; Boy don't test yo luck, turn the Venue to a Boxing match.
by OGColours June 14, 2016
A variation of the tea bag. The difference between the sleeping bag and the tea bag is a tea bag is usually announced or planned. The sleeping bag is performing the tea bag to an open mouthed sleeper unbenounced to the victim.
man that tall guy fell asleep in my jetta and i totally sleeping bagged him.
by Samuel Leblanc September 16, 2009
when performing cunelangus on an overweight woman, grabing a fold of her stomach fat and stretching it over your head.
I was able to wrap up in her sleeping bag.
by Chris April 18, 2005
The act of sex where one partner crawls up into the female’s vagina, and curls up into the fetal position, only to emerge 10 hours later all wrinkled up, slimy, and slightly disoriented from the vaginal juices.
Dude, I’ve developed skin cancer from the sleeping bag that Jessica Yapp gave me yesterday night… fucking shit, dude…
by Goose May 25, 2003
A code word for condom, especially when referring to a sexual occasion.
Bring your sleeping bag if you happen to pitch a tent with your girlfriend.
by Limbo May 18, 2006
foreskin on a male, often from Oregon
That freakich Oregon kid has a sleeping bag to go with his wank-wank-sack-bag
by 420hitter December 2, 2002
when you go camping with your best buddy and you wake up with your buddy gone and a condom in your butt.
i beat the crap outta tom when he pulled a sleeping bag on me. it was stuck in my ass for so long
by Rahat Ahmed June 10, 2005