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Mostly crappy rock music. It's Japanese rock music hince the J for Japanese. Most of the "singers" dress like women and follow the 70's glam rock idea. Although the music not lyrics are alright most of the lyrics when translated into english or even read in Japanese don't make sence. It's about as coharent as J-Rap and equaly bad.
Otaku-Oh my god J-rock is soooo much better then American or British rock!

Me-Japan is behind the times when it comes to rock and Japan should make their own style rather then steal it.
by Woogy January 6, 2005
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Everyone who loves Japan should play this game!
by Woogy April 22, 2005
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Statues of this deity are already prominent in Japan by the 7th century. By the 9th century, Miroku Bosatsu becomes extremely popular among believers of the Shingon Sect, a form of Esoteric Buddhism. Founded by Kobo Daishi (774 to 835 AD), the Shingon sect believes that, far in the future, the Miroku Bosatsu will become a Nyorai (Buddha), and then appear on earth to save those unable to achieve enlightenment. Even today, Shingon followers are awaiting Miroku's return, scheduled to occur about 5.6 billion years from now.

Miroku Bosatsu - Hakuhou Period, Treasure of Kouryu-jiAccording to Buddhist lore, the Days of Dharma (Buddhist Law) are divided into three periods:

1. First phase lasts 500 years; called the Turning of the Wheel of the Law (itself a metaphor for teaching the way to enlightenment), it refers to the spread and acceptance of Buddhist philosophy

2. Second phase lasts 1,000 years; during this period the practice of the Law begins to deteriorate

3. Last phase lasts 3,000 years; during this period, no one practises the Law

In the very last period, Buddhism will weaken and fade, but a new Buddha will then appear to once again "turn the wheel of the law." This Buddha is Maitreya (Miroku). Technically speaking, Miroku is a Bosatsu who resides in the Tusita heaven -- the place where Bosatsu dwell before incarnation -- but Miroku is still considered a Buddha in light of his impending arrival. This explains why Miroku can be represented as either a Bosatsu or Nyorai (Buddha). Nonetheless, I am unsure why the modern-day Shingon Sect believes Miroku Nyorai will appear 5.6 billion years in the future. According to the timeframe set forth in the Days of the Dharma, isn't that supposed to be around 4000 AD?

In Japan, the majority of Miroku artwork depicts the Miroku Bosatsu -- not sure if this holds true outside Japan. Also, in Japan, the Miroku Bosatsu is mostly shown seated, with finger touching cheek, as if in deep meditation or musing, and the left ankle of the foot is resting atop the right knee. Both poses are seldom found for the other Nyorai and Bosatsu.

To help you differentiate between the Nyorai and Bosatsu versions of Miroku, just remember that Bosatsu statues are typically ornate, wearing crowns and jewelry and princely clothes. In contrast, statues of the Nyorai are typically unadorned and dressed in the simple robe of a monk. This guideline doesn't always work, of course, but in often yields a correct assessment of the deity.
Miroku is not a anime person, although he is in Inuyasha he is cooler as a buddhism deity.
by Woogy May 29, 2005
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Started a online fad of epic proportions. Just when you thought Numa Numa Dance was big, a World of Warcraft guild makes a video *staged or not dosent matter* that made everyone laugh. The video has a group
raiding some place and the guild is planing raid this one room that gave them probs in the past. As the raid is about to start a player in the group by the name "Leeroy" jumps up says his name and causes tons of monsters to kill his group. After everyone is dead and everyone is pissed at Leeroy he respons with the epic words "Atlest I have chicken."

Leeroy Jinkins in doing so became a internet star, but at the cost of never being able to play as Jeeroy again, being people will flood him with PM's and mail.
Leeroy-"Alright chums lets do this!

Other player-"Oh my god he just ran in..."

*later on*

Some player-"Leeroy you're just stupid as hell..."

Leeroy-"Atlest I have chicken."
by Woogy June 2, 2005
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If you are white, your are on the wrong road.
The comedian Chris Rock famously advised, 'If a friend calls you on the telephone and says they're lost on Martin Luther King Boulevard and they want to know what they should do, the best response is ‘Run!’
by Woogy March 30, 2008
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A rapper of the early 90's who became really successful. But having his idea of a "plan" as he called it he spent all his money on stuff he did not need. In other words he thought he could make money but his life style could not be covered by his music so he went bankrupt. MC Hammer can often be seen in the Central Valley of Cali "Thats northern cali" do to the fact he now lives in a small one bed room house in Tracy. MC Hammer can also been seen in Modesto Cali time to time.
Having spent my days in Modesto I have seen MC Hammer a few times and met him 5 times. Among other things George Lucus "Maker of Starwars and other films" can be found going to Modesto being he was born and rasied here. Being his parents still live in the area.
by Woogy April 5, 2005
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Popamole: A word used by people of RPG Codex when talking about any game not made in the Infinity Engine.

Characterized as a game that doesn't have a clunky interface, and design bugs.
RPG Codex Member: I'm tired of this Popamole shit!
Non RPG Codex Member: Have you honestly played any game post Black Isle? Stop living in the past, and move on.
by Woogy March 22, 2013
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