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Crap that people drink gallons of so they can do crazy shit, have bad hangovers, and die of heart disease.
You see that guy who just collapsed on the sidewalk? I don't feel sorry for him. He drank like 25 1-liter glasses of beer last night.
by dj gs68 September 23, 2003
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A great drink.

...for screwing up your brain.
<Random man> *drinks beer*
<Random woman> *also drinks beer
<RW> Okay!

(The next day...)

<RM> Why am I in another person's bed? And why am I in my underwear?
by dj gs68 February 13, 2004
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(Also known as: IIDX)

A 7 keys and turntable game made by Konami, the same people who brought us Dance Dance Revolution. It is far more challenging, harder to find, and has better songs than DDR. Most of the people that I've seen play at my local arcade are pretty skilled, and aren't fat Wapanese bastards.
You don't believe me when I say IIDX's music is better? Go listen to the song "thunder," which is from that game.
by dj gs68 October 3, 2003
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What real people play instead of DDR. It's a 7-keys and turntable game with far better music. Where else can you hear kick-ass songs like R5, fly through the night, Real, and Take It Easy?
Silly homo, DDR is for kids. Go play beatmaniaIIDX.
by dj gs68 September 11, 2003
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A piece of shit board service that requires you to upgrade your message board in order to use HTML.
by dj gs68 November 2, 2003
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What people claim allows one to load up imported or pirated games, but all they do is load your anger and frustration most of the time by not loading into the "Please insert import game now" screen.
I got a boot disc on my 13th birthday, and I couldn't get it to work with my copy of Time Crisis for the PSX for a long time. I eventually got it to work, but by the time that happened, I was 93.
by dj gs68 August 22, 2003
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