1. One taking the place of another; a temporary successor.

2. Substitute.
1. A surrogate C.E.O. was appointed to the board on an interim basis.

2. A surrogate mother became the answer to the couple's desire for a child.
by James November 19, 2003
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n. a substitute mother who carries a child for a female who for many reasons cannot 'birth a baby.'
Tyrone and Brie Ann produced such lovely children, he as dark as the ebony keys, she as white as the white keys on a piano, and the children a lovely in-between mocha toned. Barren women had seen Tyrone and Brie Ann's products (shaded like soap opera stars) and wanted children like them, especially boys who were born already endowed.

To make sure Brie Ann had quads, Tyrone masturbated into petrie dish, causing it to overflow. The doctor collected five eggs from Brie Ann and fertilized them in petrie dishes with Tyrone's generous sperm and implated the fertilized eggs in Brie Ann's womb. Since she was carrying the children for others, she was now a surrogate mother even though the eggs were hers. All five matured to term and Brie Ann made five ladies happy nine months later.

There was a question about the legitimacy of these children as Tyrone and Brie Ann had never married.
by Richard Black April 17, 2005
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A type of game where you play with real-life stuff, remotely, over the internet.
That website surrogate.tv has really cool surrogate games!
by seemoregilmer March 8, 2020
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1- The surrogate currency passed along without notice for years.

2-The latently surrogate samurai master came out of his shell.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A surrogate man/boyfriend/husband is a lot like a substitute teacher. The husband/teacher gets sick and the surrogate, like the substitute wonders what the fuck am I doing here and how do I teach these kids anything they're not mine? The surrogate is a lot like the substitute teacher who can't pronounce your name, everybody who meets a surrogate wants the real teacher/husband/man/boyfriend back quick.
by Solid Mantis August 26, 2018
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A gay male who get fucked in the ass for the purpose of holding another gay male's semen inside his ass.
"Are John and Norm an item or something?"
"No John is just Norm's surrogate."
"Well that's a little disturbing."
by Whale Whisperer May 10, 2016
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A way of trolling which was developed on the bodybuilding forums, misc section. The strategy originated in a thread which was created by carboy109. The strategy was developed by Xorsos. The strategy allows an individual to defame a sloot by using nude pictures of another sloot. These sloots typically have a monstrous physique and are known as whales.
Carboy109: "If you see this image while scrolling the first page, you have been visited by the surrogate whale. You MUST post 'Thank you Surrogate Whale' or you will face loss of gains and NEGS for the rest of your life"

Xorsos: Thank you Surrogate Whale
by carboy109 May 11, 2013
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