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Connor: "Hey, man."
Jake: "What's up."
Connor: "You like it? It says 'CRIPS' but it's red, which is the Bloods' color. It's meant to be ironic."
Jake: "Um yeah. I know this is Brooklyn and it's a mecca for hipsters like you, but there are some gangbangers around these parts and you seriously might get shot."
Connor: "No dude, it's all jiggy. If a gangster tries to run up on me, I'll just be like, 'No, dude, I'm not in a gang. It's ironic - get it?' and he'll be like 'LOL, that's a good one!' and we'll have a good laugh about it. Trust me, I'm down with the hood."
Jake: "Riiiiight. Nice knowing you."
by Nicholas D January 13, 2012
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