Connor: "Hey, man."
Jake: "What's up."
Connor: "You like it? It says 'CRIPS' but it's red, which is the Bloods' color. It's meant to be ironic."
Jake: "Um yeah. I know this is Brooklyn and it's a mecca for hipsters like you, but there are some gangbangers around these parts and you seriously might get shot."
Connor: "No dude, it's all jiggy. If a gangster tries to run up on me, I'll just be like, 'No, dude, I'm not in a gang. It's ironic - get it?' and he'll be like 'LOL, that's a good one!' and we'll have a good laugh about it. Trust me, I'm down with the hood."
Jake: "Riiiiight. Nice knowing you."
by Nicholas D January 14, 2012
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1. Referring to the trip to a magical land(or place).
"Alice fell in the rabbit hole and went down down down."
by Le Sebastien January 12, 2008
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"Down for it" means when you agree with a person about something .
" wanna face time?"

Sure I'm down for it
by Hunnys November 8, 2015
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A male or female,
commonly of Asian decent (particularly Filipino)
who IS out of the closet,
but not necessarily OUT and OPEN,
regarding their sexuality,
tending to keep their homo/bi sexuality
on the "down low"

Most people classifying themselves as "downE"
tend to do so out of avoidance of
family-related, religion-related, culture-related,
or society-related reasons,
IE: Fearing persecution, or
not quite being ready,
or wanting to be,
completely OUT in the OPEN.
the 3 types of Non-Heterosexual people:
Out: completely open regarding sexuality, carefree, confident. Out people tend to be the sterotypical, flamboyant, but not always.

In: in the closet, denying their bi/homosexuality to themselves and others when it is obvious that they are NOT heterosexual

DownE: out of the closet, but still low key about their sexual orientation, not as obvious as OUT people, usually takes people longer to figure out which way downE people truly "swing"
by downE February 15, 2008
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We can chill with my crew if you're <b>down with that</b>
by J Dawg April 19, 2003
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Phrase that indicates one is not willing to do something. There can be different ways to use this. Commonly used in Orange County, California.
1. Jason: You're not down to go to Flamebroiler!

Aaron: I'm so down!

2 Jason:Let's go to Brea!

Aaron: Nah bro. Not today. Maybe next week.

Jason: what!?Not Down.
by s1yfoxx August 18, 2010
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A reference to the genetalia of either a man or woman
Girl to guy- "Yeah, don't you owe me a trip down there?"
by Mac Masta May 6, 2003
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