1 one of several parts of someone's charater, situation etc; aspect
2 one of the flat surfaces of a precious stone
I believe we have just discussed every facet of the problem.
by Ewelina May 24, 2007
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A more extreme version of facepalm; with the forehead hitting a table (or the like) instead of a palm. Can be used as personal or indirect.

1. Used to show extreme displeasure at a statement or memory, causing sadness and limpness.

2. Used to show a violent action towards another person due to stupidity.
1. Mother: "How was your first day of school?"
Son: *Facetable* "meh, don't ask.."

2. Guy#1: "That's what she said!"

Guy#2: "...No." *facetables Guy#1*
by Lince September 10, 2009
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To be extremely camp, and enjoy your bum hole being exposed to massive penis.
Famm, you are a fucking FACET, just like that FACET Toxin, kmt getting Jigged up like that on a madness.
by ohStokesy August 14, 2019
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FaceTable is a "social school" network utility designed for students to share their timetables online with friends
Jim: "Hey John, Have you signed up for facetable yet?"
John: "Whats that?"
Jim ":O"
by CASTU245463 March 18, 2011
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One who don't catch on as quickly as others .. motor running no driver. Wheels spinning no hampster.. honk the horn wind shield whippers come on.
Don't worry about him he's slow faceted
by Grandprairieballou June 8, 2017
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Refers to the three erratic properties or attributes which influence the social group when participating in the election process of a political disposition. The mentioned properties consist of the following three attributes;

a; Irrational

b; Impulse

c; Hysteria
tri-facet best describes when the majority of voters who partake in the voting process, in most part when casting their vote for a candidate, are influenced by irrational, impulsive combustions of mass hysteria. As opposed to any true level of rationalized contemplation or logic.
by Baron Neville June 17, 2017
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Faceting fəˈsēSHing verb

One who is kidding another.

The verb of facetious.
My friend: I was doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Chuck Norris last night.

Me: Are you faceting me right now?
by AccurateAccountant July 30, 2019
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