An instrument that plays (posibly hauntingly)wonderful relaxing music.
by Butterfly_Fox October 13, 2006
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To talk or write about to an excessive and tedious degree; dwell on.
Okay, stop harping about it, I got the point the first fifty times you mentioned it.
by spm December 24, 2004
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A cunning name for the vagina
The classy lady's way of referring to her downstairs
Would you like to strum my harp?
Come play with the harp.
by owenwilsonknight January 14, 2015
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your wizard-like beard is harp.
by nooooo March 28, 2008
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an instrument with soul and passion...
playing with harp and soul..

It speaks for itself I think...
by anne van schothorst June 8, 2007
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(1) A paddy, mick, Irishman. MIldly pejorative. Refers to the national instrument of Eire.
(2) A harmonica or mouth organ.
"I'm always sharp
When playin' the harp,
'Cause my heart belongs to Daddy!"
-- Cole Porter
by Octopod November 6, 2003
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When somebody is being annoying, i.e. a total buttmunch.
Your little brother is such a harp. He is always bothering us.
by Jennifer December 30, 2004
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