Wapanese is the term used to describe a person of non-japanese descent (usually white, however some others are lumped in there as well) who is incredibly obsessed with Japanese things.

A person who watches anime or majors in Japanese language at university is not counted as wapanese.

These are common behaviours displayed by wapanese:

1. Being obsessed with anime. The typical anime watcher enjoys the shows because they are fun to watch and interesting (not all are for children, that is a myth). However, wapanese will take it to an unhealthy level.

2. Their rooms will be filled with japanese things. Anything from anime stuff to japanese things such as Tatami. A true wapanese will have next to nothing non-japanese in their room.

3. Many wapanese will believe that Japan is the best country ever and that if they go there they will be adored. However, most wapanese don't understand that Japan is a very racist society and they don't like white people very much.

4. They will constantly post things on the internet containing a few of the japanese words they know. These words are usually: kawaii and baka. These words will be used in an english sentence such as: "You are so baka"

5. Many wapanese will develope an unhealthy obsession with asian girls/guys. Many of them will refuse to be with someone who isn't japanese.

6. wapanese tend to spend all of their time watching anime, reading manga and listening to japanese music. A lot of them are unemployed and live at home with their parents (some are students, some are over 30). The ones who do have jobs, have very poor jobs, such as working at a supermarket.

7. Wapanese listen to tons of japanese music but will refuse to listen to anything non-japanese. They also tend to say that non-japanese music is crap while the japanese music is godly. However, most wapanese tend to listen to Japanese Pop which can be very, very similar to non-Japanese pop.

8. Many wapanese do cosplay. However, many normal anime watchers cosplay as well. However, wapanese tend to overdo it and act very elitist at conventions.

9. Most wapanese know very little about Japan. They don't look past the anime and whatnot. Most wapanese don't know anything about Japan's history. However many wapanese will pretend to know what they are talking about, however they tend to be incorrect.

10. Wapanese also tend to butcher the language (besides using them in english sentences). A good example is the meaning of otaku. The wapanese will use it to describe themselves, however most don't realize that otaku in Japan means you are very mentally unstable. Otaku in Japan are looked down upon and ridiculed.
They believe that everything in Japan is good and everything anywhere else is bad. They don't see the truths before their eyes and refuse to see them.
Those who cosplay, dress in japanese fashion, watch anime, etc. aren't considered wapanese until the unhealthy obsession is present.
by Cidsa December 21, 2004
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There is a difference between watching wordanime/word and being Wapanese.

An anime watcher does just that, he watches anime.

The Wapanese watch anime and will think they were born and raised in wordJapan/word.

An anime watcher may use a quote now an then from an anime he likes.

The Wapanese will try to learn Japanese, but not the correct way, from watching anime. They'll only learn a few words and use them with English, using what is called wordJapanglish/word.

An anime watcher will watch what he can on television or maybe buy a video or DVD.

The Wapanese will buy untranslated anime and translate them horribly. They will proceed to gripe and complain that their hacked up garbage is better than anything ever made.

An anime watcher will do nothing else.

Due to a wordchemical imbalance/word in their heads, the Wapanese will denounce their country, stalk wordAsian/word wordgirls/word, eat nothing but Asian food, grow disgustingly huge and/or pale, live in their parents house until they are 30 or older, and generally be annoyances for the rest of their lives or until they snap out of it, which usually happens around 9th or 10th grade.
by Anonymous July 5, 2003
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A white person who thinks they are Japanese just because they watch anime, read manga and/or know a word or two of Japanese.

They fall in love with Japan because of anime, and fall in love with some crazy fashion because it's from Japan. Then they dress in what they think matches the "Pictures I Googled online, desu. (o^_^o)v Kawaii~!!"

They apply everything "Japan" into their everyday lives. Their rooms and decorated with anime posters and such. They go to an Asian mall and immerse themselves in other Asian, non-Japanese, practises.

And when they go online, they put a common Japanese name as their own and expect people to believe them. They know not to call themselves "-san", "-chan" or "-kun" but use it every opportunity. They hold a peace sign. It works on Asians. But for the Wapanese? No.

I'm SE Asian. I like Japanese dramas, think some of the actors are cute and I know I waste a lot of time watching them.

But I'm not approaching this in a Wapanese way. I don't quote, especially in a language I can't speak. I don't SERIOUSLY dream of marrying anyone/getting into a career in Japan. I know my parents want me to get a job as a doctor here, where I UNDERSTAND the language!
A wapanese : Hi! I'm MagicalPockyUsagi! Check out my youtube, ne~!!! i can understand japanese (o^3^o)

I'm sooo more kawaiii than you. Watashi wa kawaii desu desu desu! I'm gonna marry some animated character and have a million Caucasian-Nippojin children!!~~!!!! check out the Ameblog i wrote! (you know, i coulda picked tumblr in ENGLISH instead but ywahhh) bai-bai, dattebayo!, nandesuka?!!?!
by Apple LE December 18, 2009
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Those outside of Japanese culture, who, through fandom and such, have somehow gotten the idea that Japan is better than wherever they are living, and try their hardest to be Japanese. This behavior, however, may show in people who aren't Japanese, and simply enjoy the Japanese culture they know, having no desire to be Japanese or idea that Japan is better than where they live. Wapanese are the extreme stereotype of obsession with Japanese culture.
If it's Japanese, I LIKE IT. (Shallow minded?)
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
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A wannabe Japanese person, or someone who is entirely obsessed with anything Japanese. Also known as a Weeaboo. For some reason, they've gotten the idea that Japan and the Japanese are vastly superior to any other culture, including their own. Wapanese have most of the following characteristics:

1. They parade around public places drinking Ramune and eating Pocky, telling everyone within earshot that it's Japanese and oh so good.

2. They buy only Japanese clothing through the internet, or they buy cosplay outfits off of ebay and wear them during events such as Halloween, or even worse, during any day of the year.

3. They claim to be "teaching themselves Japanese" but only know a few words and spell/pronounce them wrong.

4. They use online translators to translate their MySpace profiles to Japanese, so that none of their friends can read it and they can feel smart/superior. Should someone who actually understands Japanese try to read it, they wouldn't understand it either because it was done through a cheap ass translator.

5. They get offended and make excuses (I was tired, I have bad spelling, "whatever") when someone who actually understands Japanese corrects their bad grammar/spelling/pronunciation.

6. They only listen to Japanese music, and worship Japanese bands and singers as if they were gods. They also spend hours at a time watching videos of their favorite Japanese bands "being funny" on YouTube.

7. Their rooms are filled with Japanese things like stuffed animals, Samurai swords, anime, manga and games. Their bedroom walls are covered in pictures of Japanese bands or characters from manga and anime.

8. They name all of their pets after Japanese band members, anime and manga characters.

9. They are obsessed with and chase after Japanese boys and girls, but always fail to get with one.

10. They claim they want to move to and live in Japan, and act as if they are superior just for making that decision.

11. They ask everyone to call them by their Japanese name.
The Wapanese will swear off anything that isn't Japanese. For instance, if you offer them a headphone to listen to some of your music.

Wapanese Kid: "No, I only listen to Japanese bands."

The snottier they sound about it, the more Wapanese they are.
by aune February 10, 2009
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A derogatory term used to describe any person fanatical about the Japanese culture and tries to become Japanese at any expense(and usually failing.)

A wapanese person is more acurately described as a social misfit that tries to find belonging by means of the Japanese Culture by entering a group or other groups of people with similar background and common interest(that being the Japanese culture.)

Possible a case of Yellow Fever
1.Outside of class, due to their lack of ability, first year Japanese students speak Wapanese with other students instead of Japanese in its entirity.

2. Japanese find it cute when Americans speak Wapanese.
by Gringo December 4, 2004
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A derogatory term used to describe any person fanatical about the Japanese culture and tries to become Japanese at any expense(and usually failing.)

A wapanese person is more acurately described as a social misfit that tries to find belonging by means of the Japanese Culture by entering a group or other groups of people with similar background and common interest(that being the Japanese culture.)

This person often finds the Japanese culture to be superior to any other culture(usually in defense of their newly found place of being), and finds great pride in showing off a new word or new words he/she has learned from an anime or a word from a manga he/she translated, and often insults those that DO know Japanese because the speaker doesn't truly know what he/she said.(there are no true curse words in Japanese, btw, just different terms which can be insulting in a situation).

This term (wapanese) is often indiscriminately applied to any person whom watch anime in general (a generally mild misnomer as anime is simply a cartoon and should be treated as such. Even though the drawing style and types of activity are mildly different(note that Dragon Ball Z is only loosely an anime as it more poorly animated gibberish that hyperactive 14 year-olds lose pent up energy on.))
by (none given) December 29, 2004
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