An act of taking merchandise usually stolen back to the store it came from in exchange for cash or a gift card.
You can only do so many returns in a sixty day period at wal-mart on the same drivers liscence number.Go get a state i.d. card and were back in business.
by The Water Gun Tweaker December 26, 2005
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Things being returned
We are due for a sudden Returnation of missing items!
by Craig "MooGa" Harris May 28, 2008
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With regards to the California state flag:
The grizzly bear is on this flag because he could scare the gangster away. The word under the grizzle bear (returnity) mean when the person killed your friend or do something bad then you killed him back.
by Henry54 February 17, 2007
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Scamming money from stores like wal-mart by returning stolen items for cash.
I put the 20 dollar ratchet in my pocket after i tore off the security bar sticker and walked out.I came back later and said i had gotten the wrong size,and without a receipt exchanged it for a smaller ratchet and was given a receipt.Later i returned the ratchet with the receipt for a cash refund.
by e-z- money September 29, 2003
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1. the act of returning or coming back.
2. to make a response or reply.
I will see to it upon my returnal.

His returnal was so quick that his opponent had no time to utter another witty retort.
by Eric Hsieh February 7, 2011
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To “return to monke” is to return to an extremely primitive lifestyle.
This phrase will commonly be used by anprims.
“I have had enough of industrial society. I will return to monke.”
by tedpilled August 5, 2020
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Buying a new product identical to one you just broke, and returning the old one in the new product box.

Often used when a product breaks just outside of the warranty period, or if one loses a receipt.

Person 1: "Man, I can't believe my GoPro broke after just two months!"

Person 2: "Go buy the same one at Best Buy, put the old one in the box, and return it for a full refund!"

Person 1: "Great idea! I'll return it at a different Best Buy to be safe!"
My brother finally has a working cell phone after he did a Chinese Return for his iPhone
by MattLauer March 14, 2017
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