A white person who thinks they are not only Japanese, but also that it's the best place to live. They sometimes become offended and bitchy if you tell them the reasons why you don't like Japan. They will even try to argue with you on certain subjects such as why it is ok for the country to be cluttered with perverts.
Amanda: Manga cafes are fun!
by Elixxu July 27, 2005
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1) The language of weeaboos.

2) Someone who has an unhealthy obsession with Japan. Literally 'wannabe Japanese'. They think all Japanese people like anime, manga, cosplay, etc. Just because I'm American does that mean I am in love with Hanna-Barbera cartoons? No! So stop acting like all Japanese love anime. Jesus Christ.

Some signs of being Wapanese are:
(Remember these are the symptoms, not the disease.)

-Always being in the manga section of bookstores or, more likely, the library. Simply looking at manga and maybe getting a few of your fave series does not equal Wapanese. NOT EQUAL!!!
-Thinking that Japan is superior to, um, everything.
-Assuming that all Japanese people are EXACTLY like they are portrayed in anime.
-Pretending to know everything about Japan and its culture from reading/watching a few manga/anime.
-Liking something just because it's Japanese.

Someone is not Wapanese if:
-They only have bad language skills because they are still learning.
-They do not pretend to know everything.
-They genuinely like something, not are just infatuated with Japan.
-They understand kimono and yukata are not for everyday wear, nor is cosplay. If it's a special occasion, wearing the former is ok. Only wear the latter if:
a) It's Halloween.
b) You are going to something later (i.e. Sakuracon)
c) It is a con, or a costume party.
-Their playlist includes at least 50% non-Japanese music.
1) OMG!!! That kimono is super kawaii desu!!
Neko baka desudesudesu~! >:( (the smiley is not wapanese)

2) Marina is such a wapanese. She refuses to see the bad parts of Japan. I mean if someone in America killed her mom she'd be pissed and sad. If someone from Japan did, she'd probably rape that person. She randomly spazzes out like they do in anime. Jeesh, someone kill it, please.
by Kay-Kay is a noodle May 27, 2009
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People (usually white) who believe the false notion that it is okay for non-Japanese people to adopt Japanese ways (I.E., language and culture). Culture includes, but is not limited to: Food, television (Anime, sumo matches), type of dress, and celebration of festivals and conventions.
Tom goes to anime and game conventions. He eats sushi, even though he hates it, and he uses Japanese words in everyday language. The sad thing is, they're always the same: Nani, baka, hai, iie, and domo. He probably gets his sentences from a translation service. He's Wapanese.
by Keijiro December 30, 2005
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According to most wiggers, anyone who watches anime or plays DDR is "wapanese", or wannabe Japanese. In reality, a wapanese person is someone who thinks they are incredibly Japanese while not being born there. Wapanese people may or may not watch anime (though most of the time they do). Wapanese people are usually seen eating Japanese food, snacks, and drinks. Some DDR players are Wapanese, but not all. Contrary to popular belief, not all Wapanese people are white.
Isn't it funny how wiggers make fun of "wapanese" people for being wannabes, when wiggers are wannabes themselves?
by The Biggest Poseur On Earth March 01, 2007
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A Wapanese is a person (generally caucasian but includes other races, excluding aznz) that tries to act Japanese. These people generally add their very small Japanese vocabulary to English sentances. However, someone who can hold an entire conversation in Japanese while still speaking in English is not Wapanese.

Additionally a Wapanese (usually females) try to dress in Japanese Formal Wear (Lolicon and Kimonoes) in the wrong season/situation and typically phail horribly even when worn in the proper time. There are very few people not of Japanese origin that can pull off Lolicon and wearing a Kimono, therefor it is not recommended for anyone not of Japanese origin to try it.

Also, anyone who tries to be a know-it-all about Japanese history and culture because they saw a few things in an Anime is in fact ALSO a Wapanese. A person who actually takes the time to read history books and actually STUDY (holy crap, a term most Wapanese have never heard of before) Japanese history and culture is not a Wapanese.

Finally, anyone who often uses Chopsticks on "just anything" and think they can use actual Azn weapons even though they have never touched an actual Japanese made weapon is considered a Wapanese. However, someone who uses Chopsticks only on food that was MEANT for Chopsticks is not a Wapanese and someone who has actually learned how to use a Japanese weapon from an actual Japanese person is not a Wapanese. (Go to Youtube and type in "How Aznz use Chopsticks" Have a Nice Day =D )

For further questions, ask my friend "Kuro." an ACTUAL AZN ;D

Also all use of "AZN" was instituted by Kuro.
Retarded Wapanese: OMG Josh is so Kawaii, I wanna date him.
Actual Azn: *stabs Retarded Wapanese* NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!

Retarded Wapanese: OMG look at my cool Lolita Clothes! I look so hot!
Another Retarded Wapanese: OMG look at my Kawaii Kimono!
Actual Azn: *shoots them both* Do... not... do it... again...

Retarded Wapanese: OMG the Tokugawa's are such fags, they ruined everything!
Actual Azn: *throws Japanese history book at Wapanese* Read an actual History Book! Not Samurai Deeper Kyo!

Retarded Wapanese: I'll kill everyone with my awesome Katana!
Actual Azn: *takes the katana and snaps it over his knee* Buy one that costs more than $20 next time.

Retarded Wapanese: OMG I'm soooo good with Chopsticks, I use them to eat all of my food!
Actual Azn: *takes Chopsticks and stabs Wapanese in the eye* Only use Chopsticks on food that was meant for them!
by Jesus-Juice May 05, 2008
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A person who religiously studies Japanese ure at the expense of all other interests (not to be confused with a person who simply harbors in interest in Japanese ure). Wapanese generally speak only the most commonly used Japanese words in anime, such as "baka". They claim to know how to wield a Japanese sword but obviously don't, claim to know Japanese but don't, are not accepted by the Japanese simply because it is so plainly obvious that they don't know what the hell they're doing, and seriously of Some Guy because they make him look bad since he likes Japanese ure but is in fact not Wapanese. Wapanese are indeed often pale, either extremely large or extremely thin, and make terrible, terrible, fandubs. Curse you, Wapanese people. Curse you.
Some Guy is not Wapanese because he actually knows what he's talking about and gets some sun and exercise regularly
by Some Guy September 27, 2003
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Contraction for 'Wanna Be Japanese'
Also used as a contraction for 'White Japanese'. Used to descrive people of Western Decent who share an unusual affinity all things japanese, such things as Anime, Drifting, and those horrid novelty shops. Hold themselves in high regard because of their high knowledge of japanese culture. Viewed by everyone else as try-hards. 80% of Wapanese people learn japanese at some stage in their lives.

'Wapanese is what Rage wants to be'
by PooJou July 12, 2003
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