1. A firewall that keeps stupid & impatient people from watching foreign films.
2. What you read during a film when the language is foreign.
Doug: Hey Tom, wanna watch District B13? It's badass.
Tom: Sure... wait... subtitles? Fuck that.
Doug: Goddamn you're such a fag, Tom.

Scott: I need to stop watching British/Irish movies in the theater, they never have subtitles despite how the thick accents practically butcher your typical American English.
by Douglas Young September 25, 2007
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Nickname you give someone that has a heavy accent.
Damn it Subtitle, what the hell is a flying mice... oh Fried rice.
by dificult2understand February 3, 2010
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When someone speaks in a different language and you can't understand them
Person 1: *speaking in Chinese*
by whomst'd've'ly'yaint July 17, 2018
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An extreme anime nut (see otaku) who refuses to watch any anime cartoon with anything other than the original Japanese voice acting. Anything English on their screen other than subtitles will immediately induce a screaming, whining fit. Claims that even an excellent English dub somehow ruins the original "integrity" or "beauty" of the series. May have some substance to their argument, as anime is often "dumbed down" or censored for North American audiences, but any decent points are drowned out by their yelling about subtitles, as if they were Satan himself and were violently raping their mother in front of them at the time.

Often may make an attempt to learn Japanese so they can do away with subtitles altogether. May also attend an anime convention, cosplay, or enjoy reading MegaTokyo. Extremely vocal nutcase which should generally be avoided at all costs.
"Hey, Cowboy Bebop is on Cartoon Network."
"Get out of my house, subtitle zealot!"
by RealGTX April 2, 2005
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As brought to us from How I Met Your Mother: getting so drunk that people need subtitles to understand what you are saying.
Billy got so subtitle drunk... that no one at the bar could understand him.
by Yanksfan1421 September 6, 2013
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When a person gets so drunk that he/she needs a subtitles in order to understand what he/she is saying.
-So, how was yesterday?
-Oh, Nick went into subtitles again after downing that dirty pint.
by lemyd June 8, 2012
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a subtitle supremist is an anime fan who not only frowns on an english dubbed anime, but they go all out hating most to all english dubbed anime, they may shame or condescend others for watching english dubs .
person A: "I think Yu Yu Hakusho is better subbed and in fact you should avoid the dub like the plague."
person B: "What are you? A subtitle supremist?? i understand some dubs are horrible, but dang! Yu Yu Hakusho's dub cast did a great job.
by WPBhillbilly March 19, 2018
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