when one consumes many snack foods while high on marijuana.
Dude that was good shit, I've got some money so let's go get a munch on.
by Gage S. November 18, 2005
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A munch is someone who’s only use is eating pussy without getting anything in return.
Girl, I don’t want him, he’s just a munch.
by Goatedsensei September 5, 2022
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to love someone while rocking/supporting a mullet
Gabe is munching Meghan
That guy is munching her
by davemullet February 23, 2010
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a munch is a nigga that be eating the box, also eating it because he thought the female was into him .
You thought I was feeling you? that nigga a munch , nigga a eater he eat it for lunch”
by crackerphobic4.0 September 6, 2022
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A eater, or a super simp who do anything for a girl off the thought that she is feeling him.
by longidoanlstiff August 17, 2022
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I honestly don't know wtf that bih meant in that song
"You though I was feeling you? That n**** a munch"
by Volcano_Head__ April 9, 2023
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Most popular in the song "Munch" by Ice Spice, A pussy eater or someone who engages in the act of cunnilingus. Someone who performs oral sex on a female.
Asia "Girll you got sum last night?"
Trina "Hell yea he was eating like it was his last meal. You know he a munch"
by urwatermelonlovinkneegrow January 1, 2023
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