EGL (Elegant Gothic Lolita) and EGA (Elegant Gothic Aristocrat) are terms coined by Mana, previously of the Japanese Visual band Malice Mizer.

Elegant Gothic Lolita refers to the fashion of frilly, ruffled knee-length dresses, and ruffled headbands, and only refers to females.

Elegant Gothic Aristocrat refers to a more subdued, refined dressing, usually consisting of longer dresses or coats, and can refer to both females and males.

There are different kinds of groups of lolitas in Japan, however EGA is rare and the style is usually up to the individual.
Gothic Lolita - Mana (Ex-Malice Mizer), Dada (Ex-Velvet Eden)
by KuroKaze May 18, 2004
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Popular style with the teens of Harajuku.There are two types main, EGL and EGA. This fashion was first started/popularized by Mana of the then famous band Malice Mizer that later disbanned. Gothic Lolita clothes have a sometimes very dark (as seen by Mana's clothing label Moi-Mem-Moitie) or sometimes very kawaii (demonstrated by Baby The Stars Shine Bright). The clothes sometime seem to have a fantasy world or Alice and Wonderland feel to them. The most popular Gothic Lolita magazine is a Japanese publication called The Gothic and Lolita Bible.
She donned a frilly bonnet, an apron, a lacy shirt, and a poofy skirt before stepping out of the house. Even though we knew what she was trying to dress like a girl in The Gothic and Lolita Bilbe, she still looked like a child.
by Neko October 21, 2004
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A style of dress in Japan, made popular by Mana of the now disbanded Japanese band Malice Mizer. Gothic lolitas are usually decked out in frills, lace, and girly stuff up to their elbows (of course, alot of black and gothicness is thrown in). Gothic lolitas flock to Yoyogi park in Harajuku on weekends to show off their fashon.
Miku got the cutest gothic lolita skirt at a thrift store the other day!
by Bakagami November 16, 2003
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a type of japanese fashion characterized by frilly, victorian, baby doll and little girl dresses.
she dresses elegant gothic lolita.
by argyle November 20, 2003
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