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An apartment with 2 to 4 rooms, one bathroom, & a kitchen.
There are, for the most part, 3 kinds of apartments; Studio, Manshon, & Penthouse or 'Pent'.
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
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A parasite Single is someone who is single, no plans for marriage any time soon, not dating, still living with parents. Most parasingles don't quit this lifestyle until their late 30s, early 40s.
The term started in Japan, comming from a 1997 Japanese horror movie Parasite Eve & backed up by best-seller book by Masahiro Yamada in 1999.
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
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Ningyo; Japanese title for Asian merfolk. Once depicted as man-headed fish who cried tears of pearls, modern Ningyo are depicted like merfolk, only with webbed fingers & ears, long fingers with claws, razor shapr teath, & a bad reputation with fishermen for knocking over boats & stealing whatever they find. While Ningyo have a taste for human flesh, whoever eats their guts (said to be the best part)will live forecer but eternally crave to eat Ningo flesh forever.
Petshop of Horrors (OAV & manga), the latest Peter Pan movie, Mermaid Forest & Mermaid Scar (OAV & manga)
by Allaiyah January 14, 2004
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Notebook computer or Laptop, as apposed to "Paso-con" (personal computer)
She takes he No-Paso with her on vacations.
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
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Concidered a blasphemy against anime by otaku, amerime & it's french-canadian counterpart kanadime incorprate a highly unskilled attempt to resemble anime.
Kappa Mikey & Avatar the Last Air Bender are perfect ecamples of amerime. Teen Titans is marginally disqualified for actually being made in asia.
by Allaiyah September 09, 2006
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Commonly just BL is the replacement for Shounenai. Americans seem to have difficulty telling the difference, so here it is.

SA: The men are always effeminate both in appearence & personality, gay men didn't like it much, & unhappy endings were common. Contrary to perhaps even my own previous postings, this art is not COMPLETELY dead, some shounenai slips through the press. If it's new & fots this description, it's still shounenai.

BL: These days the men are more masculine both in looks & tude, gay men like it too, it's usually less dramatic, more sexual, & tends to end happily.
Shounenai: Ibu no Musukotachi, Kaze to Ki no Uta, & anything else from the 70s & early 80s.

Boyslove: Ai no Kusabi, BNSH, Gravitation, Fake, Ja-Dou, Psycho Blast.

Border line: Anything that lived through both periods. For example, Patalirro, Zetsuai, & Eroica are STILL being written & have made distinct changes to fit the times.
by Allaiyah June 25, 2004
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Equilly popular with former drummer Yoshiki, this former guitarist saddened all of Japan. He was rich & had a new album he was working on, hardly depressing. He came home drunk one night & hung himself with a towel. Many believe he was murdered but it couln't possibly have been an "accident" A large museum was deticated to him after death.
Ironically, Hizumi from early Madeth Gray'll died on the same day. Also, a friend of Hide's from early Das:Vasser died in a car crash on the way to his funeral.
by Allaiyah February 29, 2004
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