To Lie to ya fuckin' self
Also see, "Pipedreams"
Richie: Dad, if i keep on this budget, I see that I could afford a lamborghini countach LP500
Dad: Don't Delude yourself idiot!
by Rich P. May 10, 2005
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when someone is acting of a strange sense and is speaking without thought
Man: I will now get you done for harassment and racist behavior...!
Boy: Are you fucking deludical
by certifiedsippa April 5, 2021
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A word that's used by many "Elounor" shippers. It means idiotic, stupid, and unreasonable. Popularized by Eleanor Calder, the beard of Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. It started out from a tweet she used to defend herself, and her worshippers (aka Calderics) started overusing the word. Used to describe Larry shippers, but usually reflects the user itself.

Stop being so deluded. Eleanor and Louis are IN LOVE, and you guys are sooo deluded that you can't see the love!

by WhoSpeaksTheTruth July 13, 2012
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Definition of deluded Manchester United Fans who think ole gunnar solskjaer is the answer and that it's the second coming of Manchester United....most of these fans used to support Liverpool or come from Berkshire.
I'm deluded and travel 262 miles round trip to watch crap football
by Ole 2018 December 29, 2018
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When you tell a boy no 1030208 times and delete him from your show and tell him to fuck off and he buys you an engagement ring.
“Yo man that narcissistic pompous asshole Luke, on The Bachelorette, is DELUDED
by GigiandRiri July 23, 2019
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when someone is holding impressions or beliefs that are contradicted by reality
Yo do you think the earth is flat?

Ofc not are you fawking deludical
by b2trappylations April 5, 2021
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