Wapanese” are decidedly wordcaucasian/word individuals who, by means of thoroughly warped postmodern acculturation processes, have come to the decision that it is in their best interest to act as if they were denizens of the nation of wordJapan/word. The term “wapanese” can be accurately though of as an analog to wordwigger/word. A wordwhitey/word can be classified as a “Wapanese” if they are in possession of two or more of the following defining traits:

1. Has an unhealthy obsession with shallow, saccharine and intellectually insulting animation shows (also refered to as wordanime/word by the wordnerd/word elite) originally tailored for young Japanese children

2. Operates under the erroneous belief that every aspect of wordAmerican/word culture is vastly inferior to that of Japan’s – even though 99.9% of Wapanese have never had firsthand experience of any sort with their preferred culture (in other words, they’ve never set so much as one foot upon the island(s) of Japan)

3. Halfheartedly studies Japanese language and/or is a part-time practitioner of martial arts

4. Has a sword (samurai swords only, of course) collection

5. Is a Virgin
6. May be afflicted with a terminal case of wordyellow fever/word; however, they constantly fail in their quest for Japanese pootytang

7. Extreme cases may traipse around whilst wearing a “costume” that makes them resemble their favorite wordanime/word characters (this practice is reffered to as wordcosplay/word; cross-dressing and raging homosexuality is not an uncommon component of cosplay.

Interestingly, Wapanese are generally though of as “failures” and rejects within their own culture. Social scientists such as myself speculate that it was their failure to gain acceptance within their own culture than has lead many a white wordgeek/word to seek out Japan’s culture as a surrogate; however, they’d be shattered to know that the insular and somewhat wordracist/word Japanese society would be even less accepting of them than the people of their true and native culture.
Wapanese munch on imported wordPocky/word and wash it down with a bottle of Pocari Sweat.
by Dolphin_X April 04, 2003
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An individual, not of Japanese heritage, who is over-influenced by Japanese animation, entertainment, and culture, and emulates them on a regular basis.
Wapanese people are likely to boast ultra-biased opinions concerning the difference between Japan and America; Japan will be considered by wapanese people to be superior in EVERY way, particularly in entertainment (including anime).

The term "wapanese" supposedly is a combination of "white" and "japanese", because as it turns out, the greatest percentage of those wapanese are caucasian (aka : white-skinned).
"It's times like this that I'm glad I'm not wapanese. Since I'm not wapanese, that means I appreciate and admire both Japanese and American culture and entertainment! ^.^ "
by Dave May 19, 2004
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Wrong: Anyone who watches anime.

Right: White/Caucasian person trying to be Japanese. Most watch anime, thus explaining the vast hatred towards it.
I watch anime, and that's it. I am not Wapanese. I mean, look, I'm not using any foreign words in this statement, not even Russian words!
by dj gs68 October 22, 2003
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Wapanese, short for "wannabe Japanese" or "White Japanese" depending on who you ask, is a term which describes generally, but not exclusively, white individuals who display a perposterous reverance and obsession with all things Japanese, and believe themselves to be part of Japanese culture. Note: A wapanese is not a Japanophile, who generally displays substantive and factual knowledge about Japan beyond the superficial. Wapanese will generally display one or more of the following traits:

1. Someone who watches Anime or reads Manga is not instantly Wapanese. Wapanese display an unhealthy and obsessive level of love for the genre however and watch and talk about it constantly. Wapanese are often attracted to the shallowest Japanese anime such as "Naruto", but insult it and they will become defensive as though they were protecting high art.

2. Despite having never set foot in Japan. Wapanese will believe and proclaim that every facet of Japanese culture is superior to all others, particularly American. Whether it is junk food like Pocky, animation, film, economy, work ethic, respect for this and that, Japan will be better in every way. Wapanese love to harp how much better Japanese music is than American music, despite the fact that they listen to J-pop, which has the same amount of substance as American pop, meaning none.

3. When watching anime they will claim, even if the voice acting is fine, that the Japanese track is inherently superior and more emotionally engaging. A truly pretentious Wapanese will tell their friends they watched anime without subtitles. Good luck understanding a word they say...

4. Wapanese love to harp on how superior the character of the Japanese people is to others. They will tell you they are more in touch with nature, more respectful of tradition and elders,and a whole list of other cliches they've gathered from anime and sterotypes.

5. Will proudly refer to themselves as "Otaku", often naming their club at school something of that nature. They seem to miss the fact that in Japan being an Otaku means you are a sheltered and pathetic person obsessed with trivial pursuits, and that they need help. Re-reading what I just wrote, I actally don't think the Wapanese could have chosen a more fitting name for themselves.

6. Will make attempts to follow Japanese fashion and particularly wear Kimonos. They will usually embarass themselves, and more often than not wear this stuff the wrong way and at the wrong times from what I understand. They will fill their rooms with asian things, notice I say asian and not Japanese, because most Wapanese will buy anything that looks remotely asian and proclaim it to be Japanese (Wrongly). They will make poor attempts to assimilate into Japanese culture by buying Japanese food, and eating sushi, even if they don't actually seem to much like it.

7. Due to their inability to woo women in their own land, male Wapanese delude themselves into thinking that if they went to Japan, Japanese women would flock to them, practically jumping to date and bed them. Wapanese do not seem to understand that Japanese women are not interested in dating introverted, obsessive, and clingy men just because they have a weak understanding of Japan's culture. See Yellow fever. Wapanese girls often become obsessed with male characters in anime. It's a sad sight.

8. Often owns a sword (Katana or other Japanese weapon of course) and claim they have studied the Samurai and Ninja and know how to expertly use their blade. Aside from being wrong, they forget that Ninjas and Samurai probably were in a lot better physical shape than them.

9. Frequent users of the ever irritating Japanglish. Where they sprinkle english conversations with Japanese words derived from anime (they studied it they will say however). These mainly include hello, goodbye, and inherently fanboy/girl-ish words like Kawaii for "cute".

10. Will try and mimic physical motions from Anime. Anime characters generally move in a very exaggerated form and so watching Wapanese do this is rather funny. They will pout, and pull down their eyelid at you and other dumb things. The worst is when they start prancing around as if they were some super ninja, making dumb poses and yelling things. This is when you look away and be glad you are indeed not them, but it's even humiliating to watch from afar. They also have the tendency to repeat words twice as if to make them more spunkily Japanese, like "hi, hi!" to fellow Wapanese, peace signs and furious giggling are also popular amongst them. They also love anime smileys like ^_^.

11. Will claim to be an expert on some Japanese topic. Mainly stuff like Buddhism/Shinto, Samurai, Ninjas and other "really Japanese" stuff. Their understanding will actually be derived mostly from anime, and despite all their claims of "training" or "meditation", they don't really know anything.

12. Will cosplay. Often the most elaborate costumes seem to be by Japanophiles, Wapanese tend to throw something together and make themselves look silly.

13. Don't realize that the Japanese would find them equally as sad, if not more so, than we Americans do.

14. The Wapanese trend is most prevelent in junior high/middle school, when things like Dragonball Z and Pokemon are very popular. Many will grow out if it by high school. However, just as many do not, and grow up into full fledged Wapanese. I pity those individuals.
Friend: On the way to class, I saw X dashing down the hall wearing a Naruto headband and yelling something in Japanese. We were all confused as hell.
Me: I'd be to, crazy Wapanese.
by Mr. McCorn July 20, 2008
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the bitch in your class that says "konichiwa" when the teacher calls attendace. T They also are in "otaku-otaku" club, drawing the same animations that look exactly the same as many drawings before them, and believe that Kingdom Hearts is on the same level as Ocarina of Time. Also, they go out of there way to accentuate the facta that they are playing Pokemon yellow version on their gameboy color. In reality, these people live in the whiteset families of america and have probably never set foot in japan, let alone any other asian country
All the people listed in my year book in the wapanese club(otaku-otaku) are also on my "im gonna knife those crakas some day" list
by Dr.RosenPeenus October 22, 2007
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Litterally "Wannabe Japanese" American slang for anyone who isn't Japanese but wishes they were.

Sympoms include:

1)Dissing your country & race.

2)An Excessive J-rock/J-pop/J-metal/J-Tech/J-Goth/J-Rap CD collection, music videos & wall posters.

3)An extencive Japanese slang vocabulary from music, fashion, lifestyles, books, etc. Words like "Visual Kei" "Gothic Lolita" "Ganguro" "Kogal" "Otaku" "Cosplay" "Yaoi" "Doujinshi" "Para-Para" "Parasite singles" & "Con"

4)Being a total geek about Japanese sent fandoms like games & animations & being really really proud about it.

5)If you think that Japanese sounds sexier & that the Japanese are sexier & that they have better taste in everything from music to chewing gum.

6)They tend to know trivial facts beyond slang like Japanese minimum wage & why Halajuku & Shinjuku are the coolest places to visit & they contridict you on your pronounciation.
"My sister is sooo Wapanese! She sings totmare & Vidoll & Gackt all the time, she has really convincing crossressers pinned to her wall, none of her videos or books are in English, she wont date guys of her own race, she hangs out at Starbucks alot, & she refurs to her sleeping bag as a futon."
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
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