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A group of elite gamers that will gladly kick j00r ars mothatrukah
d00d I was just pwned by a Drakken
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
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Able to use either paper or plastic bags.
MArk told the cashier that they could bag his grocerys in paper or plastic becasue he was bi-sacksual.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
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The only TRUE warriors that have ever walked this Earth
Highly advanced and highly motivated human
Dont fuck with a SPARTAN casue they can fuck anyone up
Dam i wish i was a SPARTAN
by Anonymous May 9, 2003
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Frech canadian slang word used to define:
1-Female genitalia
2-A girl who dress like a prostitute
3-A girl who has sexual reltions with LOTS of different male
4-In Montreal only - A girl who is sexy
5-A male who is afraid of doing something
1-J'y ai mangé la plotte
2-Check moé la plotte!
3-S'tune plotte c'te fille
4-Ostie qu'est plotte!
5-Ostie que té plotte!
by Anonymous November 1, 2003
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CanAdam plays DDR. Does that make him important enough to be on urbandictinary.com? Probably not.
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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To get an erection. In most cases, to get an erection quickly, hence the purpose of the word "pop".
"Oh man I saw that chick, and I popped a bone!"
by Anonymous April 15, 2003
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