Ridiculously good-looking or cool, at any rate
"That young man was quite dashing!"
by julian fernandez May 25, 2005
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The phase in a relationship when you are not just "friends with benefits", but not dating yet. The space between girl or boy and friend is filled with a "dash" (i.e. girl-friend, boy-friend). It is essentially when you are fucking and confused, and are not ready for commitment.

Dating... not
My fuck buddy Tyler and I have feelings for each other, so you could say we're dashed.

We're not dating but we like each other... you know what I would call that... DASHED!
by TheHomie$$$ March 01, 2021
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The other definition is false. On the dash does refer to the dashboard of a car, specifically the gauge panel. The number refers to the highest speed on the speedometer.
The Boss - Rick Ross
I've got a Chevy with a 454 in the hood and it's got 125 on the dash.
(Most classic muscle cars displayed a top speed of 125 on the speedometer.)

T.I. - Big Things Poppin'
Think I won’t pull up in something with 200 on the dash.
(High-end supercars, particularly of Italian origin, commonly have the top speed of 200 on the speedometer.)
by suburban white boy June 27, 2008
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Dashed - A prison term for throwing a cup full of piss and shit on a CO through a chuck hole.
Example : "Yo Fam I got 50 sticks k2 if you Dash that bitch ass CO"
Example: "You gonna get Dashed if you stay on that bullshit CO"

Example : "I gotta go home and shower that inmate Dashed my ass through the chuck hole
by GetDashedBro February 21, 2021
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adj. Dashing is like handsome, only faster.
That runner is so good looking; hell i would even say he is dashing!
by MastaFoo69 March 27, 2009
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