When someone's personality is overtly bland or unappealing. They enjoy doing some of the most boring activities you could imagine. They also tend to kill jokes before you finish them because they possess little to no sense of humor whatsoever. They are the color gray in human form.
Tom: I was reviewing my stock portfolio yesterday and Harry told me I should invest in AAH instead of Carter-West. Its like he's never seen their market projections lol.
Ryan: Holy shit you are starchy?
by FettyWapsLeftEye August 10, 2017
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Over-the-top uptight; rigid; overall lame ass.
by MemeMasterC November 17, 2016
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Posessing the personality of a potato, refers to a boring person/ being boring.
Every time we go out with her Jessica makes us go home so she can study, she's so starchy.
Ugh, Daniel just stays at home watching reruns of " the first 48," so starchy
by Squidoodily April 22, 2016
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A person who is very shit at NS but nice and wubbley
by jason September 21, 2004
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man my starchies could split a melon in half.
by x August 24, 2004
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A man who has a girlfriend but ask males if they are gay.If you say no the man will ask have they kissed a boy.If you say no he will say do u have a girlfriend. Then if you say yes he will say your 50% gay.If you say I have kissed her,but the man will say you don't know if your gay or not by kissing a boy.Then the man will put on a sexual music then get closer trying to kiss you.
by Crychansun June 17, 2016
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very small, tiny organ or a way to refer to something as little.
that nigga got a starch dick! or damn that car is starchy
by nubb boy April 3, 2009
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