Nicely turned out, presentable, made the effort to look nice...

Devised by famous television writer Rox Harvey
as in 'wow - you look starch!'
by starchy June 14, 2006
weed that you smoke in a bong, bucket or pipe
Wheres the starch man?
by Phil Dayooper June 14, 2007
a dry 'starchy' piece of toast, ie. rivitta or cracker
wow that starch would be nice with cheese.
by Toasty April 12, 2004
Getting knocked out cold so hard and fast, the victims body goes semi rigid before falling flat on their face.
fool picked a fight with that little kungfu master and got kicked so hard he was starched.
by TheJDH November 8, 2016
To dispatch your opponent in dominant fashion.
"Did you see that fight last weekend? That guy got straight up starched.
by High Plains Drifter April 17, 2008
(verb) knock out such that the victim's muscles become tense and the body appears to stiffen.
by herat17 October 26, 2009
A term used to describe someone who is getting a stiff deal. Generally this is in a work situation where the individual is being royally fucked for all to see.
This is fucked. Everyone else is sitting on their arses while I’m out here getting Starched’.

‘Where is the Carpenter?’
‘Bro, he is on the floor getting Starched’.

‘How is the divorce going?’
‘The lawyer Starched me.’
by Zoltan Technician October 18, 2018