Older definition: short for "Nice Shot."
Another new def: Natural Selection (The newest MOD for the aging game Half-life)
"NS, man. I didn't even see you"
"You played NS yet?"
by TheFeniX March 20, 2003
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gemme a fegg


ns = no sweat = no bother
by belfast54 November 26, 2019
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A short, informal term used among National Socialists or White Nationalists to abreviate National Socialist.
i heard you listen to Skrewdriver, you NS?
by Chris Hansen July 27, 2005
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NS is an acronym for New Zealand Aucklandsz North Shore, only the most ruthless cunts live on the North Shore
Person 1: "oi should I step that cunt out"
Person 2: "jak cunt heard he lives on the NS"
by TheFarkenUce October 13, 2020
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When used in 'Greek slang' NS stands for 'not scratty'
Having to question whether you're pregnant or not. NS.
Having enough class to shack responsibly. TSM
by lillybowsandpearls July 10, 2011
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Player one: (shoots and miss)
Player two: NS
Player one: I have to train more.
by matthew_SVK November 17, 2009
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A pejorative acronym, usually ageist, referring to those who are 'not sound'.

If the term is used in an ageist manner, any inquisitive NS can be told that this acronym refers to 'new season'. This allows for flagrant usage of the term among 'OS' (which designates the opposite. This acronym can refer to 'Old Season', 'Old School' or 'Only Sound').
This party is full of NS.

Byrnsie seems to go in and out of being an NS.
by philopia August 2, 2009
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