The sweetest fucking human you'll ever meet, but also the most real. If you're being a dumbass, Cory will let you know. And they're probably right. An amazing person, who doesn't realize how amazing they are, or how truly attractive they are. Deserving of friendship and love, 3000%.
Have you met Cory? Cool cool.
by Philbert_McGee June 3, 2018
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very sweet, most caring, smart, stubborn in a good way.

lightens everyones day. very skilled, the funny guy in the group, Nice Smile, CUTE ! Has many laughs, a girl who is with him is the luckiest girl ever.
You Know That Guy Cory? He be FIIIIIINEEE !
by Cee; May 30, 2011
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An extremely sexy, caring, kind, passionate, and amazing man. Cory will give you butterflies, make you fall in love with him over and over, and will take your breath away. He will try with great effort, to make you happy for the rest of your days. Cory is also an amazing father, and role model. He is funny, and will keep you laughing. Cory was only made for Allison, and is Allison's best friend and soulmate.

Cory also has a huge dick, and will keep you extremely sexually satisfied. He will always try to please you first, and at times, doesn't worry about himself at all.
"Man, I sure do love that Cory"

"I can't live without that Cory"
by akwcaw<3 July 1, 2014
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Someone who makes the hair on your arms stand up when his name is mentioned. He is the type of guy that a girl would do anything to fuck, even lick a really fat puerto ricans ass crack. When cory walks by girls stare and if he says hello to you, some people even cry. He is that kind of guy that is so beautiful that even when you picture him doing something repulsive, like taking a huge shit, he is still an angel.
"Omg I was walking down the hall today and Cory said hi to me, i threw up on myself and then cried for 20 minutes"

"Yo dude did you see that guy, no homo but i wanna be just like him, he is a cory"

"Fat puerto man, I will lick your butt just to get with that Cory!!!"
by Joey Kyle January 3, 2009
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The male prime definition of a player, mack, or ladies man. This is not due to having multiple sexual partners, but because he is a genuinely sensitive and loving man combined with being honest, brave, and loyal to a fault. A Cory's is a man that has given and received countless heartaches while on his journey to mature, and in finding that emotion and mental maturity, he has learned to appreciate the female sex as a whole as oppose to just physically. He carries dominate energy both is not overbearing. Cory's have a phenomenal sex drive and usually show affection this way, especially with the woman that he calls his own. A true Cory can only be a pieces, being born in late February to mid March. They are friendly and outspoken, expressing themselves to anyone who the happen to meet and connection with...because to a Cory...connection is everything.
See the dark skin dude over there? He had a 3 sum with Amber and Candis after he expressed how he felt about both of them. I heard they love him so much, they started to like each other. That man is a true Cory.
by Cojodepph October 21, 2022
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Cory is a funny, hot, cute, kind, attractive guy with a amazing personality if you are loved by Cory you are one lucky girl because he will love you until the day you die. So if you are loved by a Cory and you love him just as much as he does you will live happily ever after.
Most Cory’s like to give hugs, gifts, kisses and more.
Cory’s are very trustworthy and truthful so if you think your ugly and he doesn’t just believe him

Typically 5 foot 8
Cory is a very nice caring loving person who gives amazing hugs and will miss you 24/7
by Youth politics December 7, 2018
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The Hottest Guy EVER!!!!! F U If U Think Otherwise!
"He's Such A Cory!" "I know Hes So Hot!"
by hehaheheha August 26, 2008
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