This word can be used to add emphasis to any word of action.
1.I wrecked my car and now I am Heavily pissed.
2.I wrecked my car again and now I am Heavily depressed.
by Mojo Maniac July 22, 2008
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A large-breasted woman
When Debby Boothman came to the door clad only in a tank-top I finally realized how heavily lunged she was.
by AntoineStumpf July 1, 2021
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An adjective describing God's gracious gift of an exceptionally large bosom.
John: Five o'clock my man! Check out the biknockulars on that one!
Rick: By George is that woman is heavily hootered. I mean cannons, people! Big ol' boobies!
by dawg32123212345 August 4, 2008
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a male who possesses a larger-than-average sized penis and who is adept at wielding it.
Shawna is walking funny today because her new boyfriend is heavily schlonged.
by Madame Hyde February 9, 2011
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As in, it's REALLY in the diary.
An obvious insinuation that one hopes the "meeting" may be more like a "meating".
Or lunch involving a large German sausage.
Don't worry, I have you heavily pencilled in my diary.
by Porky Blunder October 19, 2019
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(adj.) The state of being oversexed to the point of awe in other's eye's.

Often said by adolescents whom do not know the difference between "fortified" and "fornicated".
Detective, the victim was found brutally blugeoned and heavily fornicated on the bathroom floor!

Get the RPG! That place is heavily fornicated! (misuse)
by stabe floyd November 25, 2010
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Being incredibly salty or irritated about sucking at a game or activity. This is different from your average brand of saltiness as the salted person will begin to get violent.
You: "Hey, why is Bob kicking that chair?"
Some plebe within earshot: "He got rekt in smash bros.,"
You: "Ahh, I knew he seemed heavily salted."
by Mr Jag October 3, 2016
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