in close proximity relative to another location; also, something that is apparent or will be realized soon
"The nice thing about living in this neighborhood is that all the amenities are right around the corner from us."

"Cheer up my friend, and don't worry...good times are just around the corner!"
by Bungalow Bill July 2, 2007
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this is when and individual has a hook dick and has the wonderfull ability to fuck a bitch around the corner of a wall in his house due to the massive hook in his cock.
"Wanting to try something new, smiley asks banana pants if he wants to try a ne position. She calls it bangin around the corner!!!"
by Insane V January 15, 2005
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Murat is god
He is the best motorcar mechanic
He has only 9 fingers, but still satisfies every woman better than you!
Murat around the corner story:
Person 1: HII UwU
Murat: wanna get your car clean?
Person 1: yeah Kuss auf die Nuss
Murat: "destroys car and fucks his wife and daughter"
by N1CHTSO November 24, 2021
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Means that "something" or "someone" is going up your ass or anus.
You will understand life up and around the corner of your butt.
by Your Life Inc. October 20, 2016
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An euphemism for imminent cunnilingus with a morbidly obese woman.
Yeah, I made plans to take Marcia on a date tonight. We're having dinner at a buffet, and if I play my cards right there's a taco truck around the corner, yo!
by Holy_Catfish June 8, 2011
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Where just about everything in the world is.
Person 1: hey man where's the remote?

Person 2: up your butt and around the corner
by scipio076 December 16, 2010
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