A way to justify not paying somebody for services rendered.
Sure, we could pay you, but instead think of how great this will look in your portfolio!
by InstantSunrise November 4, 2010
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Something extremely gay that the British columbia education people tried to make graduates do over a 3 year period.
It has seem to become an insult...just say thing word "portfolio" brings many angry faces, harsh swearing, and the worst human trait...lazyness....
I sometimes tend to think it was created only to prove nowadays youth as useless and subliminally show kids how they fail at life if they do not complete the "aspects". Therefore, there will be more jobs for the generation ahead as we would not be able to get jobs cuz we either didn't graduate, or just lost motivation due to the feeling of helplessness delivered by this object.
1)Oh no, I can't hang out. I have to work on my PORTFOLIO TO GRADUATE

2)that is so PORTFOLIO

3)Go suck a portfolio, i portfoliod your mom last night

4) now class, you must complete the aspects of the Portfolio or else you can't graduate, and will fail at life.

by Alannah D August 8, 2006
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Something extremely gay and pointles that Newark High School requires for graduation. Our superintendent, Mr. Sanders makes us do. He makes us do it so the high school looks good.
Portfolios blow ass!
by Britt March 6, 2005
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A substitue for the word vagina used to keep corporate email clean whilst describing to one's buddies the sexual encounter that you had the night before.
Steve: I dove into this broads portfolio like the salmon of Capistrano flock home.
Rob: Wow, she sounds like a classy chick.
by White Michael Jordan March 15, 2006
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A list of men in whom time has been invested, sexually.
Girl 1: I don't want to go to that bar.

Girl 2: But you haven't slept with the bartender there yet. C'mon, he'd be a wise investment in your cock portfolio--we'll get free drinks!
by HOEL November 8, 2010
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What a sociopath becomes after earning a top university degree in finance.
Harry: "Dex, put away the knives. You won't need them on Wall Street."

Dexter: "Wall Street?"

Harry: "Yes, son. You're going to become a portfolio killer."

Dexter: "But what about the code?"

Harry: "Forget the code, Dex, and start slashing those 401Ks!"

Dexter: "And my trophies... my slides?"

Harry: "Don't worry son, there will be plenty of blood to collect - just not right away."
by Downsized October 9, 2011
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The list of drugs one has done in his/her lifetime, usually recorded over the course of several years
I still want to add DMT to my drug portfolio
by Brobacca May 15, 2011
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