1. A person that is being a bastard and knows it.

2. Something/someone that is unpleasant or boring.
"What kind of lame ass shit is this? I'm out, man."
by Meka August 24, 2003
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an event that was over rated thus letting you down.

someone who never knows when to be quiet and the shit that falls out of their face makes no sense but yet they continue to try and explain their logic...

"I can't believe that my date was such a lame ass"
"I'll never watch that lame ass movie again, I should have asked for a refund."
by Amanda777 April 21, 2008
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Phrase indicating that something or someone originated in the Human Resources department.
Have you read the lame ass flex hours policy?
by techNiques300 May 27, 2010
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Jules. (someone that is mentally slow)

Jules went to california so that we wouldn't make fun of her anymore.
Jules is a lame ass, she chokes on chodes.
by Hairy Man January 28, 2005
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something weak, tired, or uneventful.
Did you see Draven757's latest posting on Urban Dictionary? What a lame-ass attempt at humor.
by PHDUnk January 16, 2009
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Kid : Are hoes look like porn sluts?
Teenager : No, Hoes are like lame ass bitches.
by ilikeaesthetics September 27, 2018
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A bitch, someone that is really annoying, doesnt stop bitching about something stupid. Drags people to American Idol that dont want to go. someone that has Saggy Boobs and her nick names are Lame ass, bitch face, cunt mouth 2, saggy sue. and her kids are known as shit fucks, and vaginia fingers.
also lame ass is known as sue.. Sue is a bitch that no one likes, she doesnt take responsiblity for her own kids she has someone that doesnt like her that wants to move out and tries to never be home, be the responsiblity for her kids
Siggy-"I cant believe lame ass dragged you to american idol."
Dave- " If i didnt go she would have kicked me out."
by Siggy Pollard September 25, 2006
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