470 definitions by jason

The awesome crevice right outside of a girls anus. Caused when the pants are really wedged up there....
"wow her pants were up there pretty far, I could see her anal cavity as well as her camel toe"
by jason December 29, 2005
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america online, the crappiest and laggiest shit internet users can use. also way too much spam
"Welcome to AOL, You have new spam, dickhead."
by jason March 26, 2003
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An inbred dumbass that likes to poke his mother.

A moron of the highest order; someone of low intellect and devoid of common sense
by jason August 15, 2003
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A male who likes other men in a sexual way. IE. Gay
by jason January 28, 2003
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The male reproductive organs.
Matt Lee likes to put his man parts in oscars anal.
by jason February 11, 2003
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a bra created for older men who have excess flab in the upper chest area and give the appearance of having breasts
Aka- the "Bro"
by jason June 30, 2004
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