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Fair and Genuine, according to lovely loren, the resident clever-boots

See rational or legitimate
Jason: I finally had a shower!
Loren: Wow, so you dont smell?
Jason: Geez, that was a bit blunt...!
Loren: No, it was just jonic.
Jason: Why was it fair and genuine?
Loren: Well, you haven't showered in a week
Jason: Look, you're sure right..
Loren: Look, I sure am...!
by jason October 1, 2004
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A predominantly adequate method of braiding a females hair.
Tie my hair like Chauntae.
by jason March 24, 2016
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Name given to the most beautiful person in the world and sweetest soul I've ever met.
Sintacle has stolen my heart.
by jason March 21, 2005
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Saying yes to something that you shouldn't even have to waste your time or effort into saying "yes" to.

I guess really means, "yes"

I guess is an answer to a question that a person should already know the answer to before asking the question.
Jane: Do you race your car?
Mike: I guess..

Jane: Did you go to the store?
Mike: (true meaning) What do you think you stupid idiot? (Give me secks!)
by jason December 22, 2004
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