by Cooljosh90 July 12, 2019
Aaheli is really a sweet and beautiful person. Most of the girls whose name is aaheli is tall. She choses 1 boy out of 100 amd can have the longest crush on a single boy. She will take care of the person she loves till the end of of her life. She is soft hearted and loves a person very soon.
Hey. She is aaheli..she is so beautiful
by Harsh Tilokchandani September 2, 2018
Means someone, usually female, is in exceptional pleasure; usually found in pornographic manga.

Tl;dr what moaning sounds like
Sam: Hardy daddy, aah~
Fred: What the fuck this is history class
by Anderson MacGyver is Better December 11, 2020
a great guy who is anywhere from 5'11-6'2
laughs at people falling (especially in lunch rooms)
is muscular (in the upper body)
loves married (or engaged) women
loves the boondocks
shoots on the way down
says "ohhhhh damn" in a high pitched voice
and needs to jump-stop more
"aahed! jump stop on that last one!" -D.A.
by Weavings September 24, 2007
this is a representation of what a monkey says
OOH OOH AAH AAH the monkey said
by Joey Mamma November 2, 2020
Q: "Pass the hot sauce".
A: "Aah-ite"

"You have the right to remin silent"

by Rooster June 4, 2002
An exclamation of commiseration with unkind connotations, used when something bad happens to someone. Originally coined due to the presence of flowers on the side of the road to mourn a roadside mortality.
Jack: "Someone broke into my house"

Jill: "Aaaah, flowers!"
by Aah Flowers February 20, 2009