1. Slang for a penis.
2. A mean, aggravating, or otherwise just disliked person.
3. Short for "Richard." Rick is preferred nowadays as most people don't like being called an aggravating penis.
4. Something that gets stuck in the fan
1. I suck massive dick.
2. I'm a dick.
3. My name is Dick.
4. My dick got stuck in the fan.
by das_it_mane February 29, 2016
can sometime be found in wrapped up boxes still attatched to the male, and given to partners as a gift.
by the kie May 29, 2009
1. the lever
2. the handle
3. the pipe
4. the slim jim
5. the chili dog
6. the start of a mans life
7. the dangler
8. the python
9. the lollipop
10. the pully
The woman grabbed my dick and released the sweet substance.
by instafindafailare February 5, 2011
an obnoxious, uncooperative and dishonest person
k#y accused his co-worker as being sinister and bitesome as a cobra? what a fucking massive dick he is!
by it is not your business July 23, 2019