The people who add serious definitions to words on Urban Dictionary.
Joe:I'm gonna add the definition of Niger.
Niger:A country in Africa.
Bob: Wow Joe you're so boring.
by Dem_Ballerz232 May 11, 2019
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zzzzzzzzzzz. Like sleeping but with eyes open. When your tired and everything's quiet and not fun.
expls; School,chatrooms,internet,books etc.......
by outlast October 18, 2003
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to live in the state of New jersey there is not a thing to do in this state
i got to get out of this boring hellhole New jersey
by Street-Skater June 2, 2004
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Not amusing; agonizing.
Stop boring me with the ice capades and turn it back to the hockey game.
by Anonymous June 30, 2003
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Girls who can only talk about the clothes they just bought and "how r u?".

by Mynameis..what? August 18, 2010
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describes an English or history class in school
Horons English is so boring.
by 5'11"racer November 11, 2006
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my life is so BORING. I'm gonna jump off a cliff then grab my guts and eat them, then im gonna wait for them to come out then I'm gonna eat them again.
by some guy who was bored September 20, 2015
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