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Used as a filler during a pause in conversation. Doesn't necessarily mean something complimentary.
"I bought that new Fanta today."
by Bec December 13, 2003
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Something you say every time you see or hear the number "69"
"we have 69 hotdogs left"
by NewChuhgWhoDis March 16, 2017
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An adjective used to describe someone with exceptional skill in a certain area. The term is never used pejoratively or sarcastically.
by birdman7 September 17, 2007
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A word used explicitly to tell any given person absolutely no one gives a reptiles ass what they just said.
Hey Chauncy, I got an A on my math test.
Nice Benedict!!
by Jackyb123jjk August 25, 2018
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1. talented
2. an interjection similar to saying word when you are in agreement with what someone just said or you approve of what they said
3. high on marijuana
1. That kid down at the park is a nice ballplayer.
2. Sam: I just got a new apartment downtown, man.
Rick: Nice!
3. They've been sittin on the porch smokin blunts all day. They're mad nice by now.
by Paco October 08, 2005
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