Unappealing ugly fat unattractive disgusting gross lame nasty stupid bad boring hideous. These are all the words most commonly associated with an unappealing person but unappealing ness is not limited to just looks. People with bad behavior are often treated the same for the fact that they are uncomfortable to be with. Also most of the times unappealing people are not bad at all there hobbies or activities just don’t “appeal” to your taste such as type of music, favorite bands, favorite football team, and for some reasons wealthy or middle class kids are not vary appealing as friends to less fortunate because they are seen as two completely different live styles to the less fortunate.(when I say less fortunate I mean the want to be gangsters the people that think they got it harder than everyone else but also sometimes the people that do have it harder than everyone else). People appeal to others with the same interests and/or live styles.
1.) (girl#1) hey so why wont you ask that guy out?
2.)(girl#2) he's just unappealing to me.
3.)(girl#1 what why?
4.)(girl#2) we just dont have anything in common.
by Anonymous jrotc January 18, 2009
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The day after Discord Mod Day. Every Mod Unappeals every single person they banned and resigns their mod position to them. They also take off everyone's warns.
It was really rude for that Mod to ban me! I hope Unappeal Discord Day happens early!
by SpBoEc December 9, 2020
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