A subtle way talk about a girls ass without everyone around you thinking your a pervert.
Wow you guys see Rachel today?
Ya shes got a great... personality.
Damn I would love to tap that... personality.
by MayorMcCheese November 11, 2006
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kyle: dang do you see that girl in the pool?
Jacob: Sure do! Personality!
by jjcranston56 January 6, 2014
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Your spirit. The real you that you can't see in the mirror. How you feel. How you think. How you act.
The worst personality of those I have come across are those who are aloof and dull with a capital-D. They dont seem to have any sense of humor, or any interest in conversing with people, don't know how to sound like a person of reasonable intelligence and are a person of very few words and thought.
by krock1dk October 27, 2007
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how you act how you think how you look how you feel basically its you inside and out........
everyone is different because everyone has their own personality not one person should be called a poser cause maybe thats how they are deep down inside
by lindsey lea April 22, 2004
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A person's general disposition and who they are as a person including the way they act, the way the think, the way they feel, and the values they hold.
His personality is horrible. He is angry, bitter and jealous, and always holds grudges against people that offend him.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com May 23, 2008
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Effective way to refer to a woman’s breasts in the presents of female friends or parents, all the while sounding sensitive and caring
by Mark Davis LWC February 24, 2006
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