It’s like another word for blowjob but the blowjob was received for a small amount of time
Yeah man she had to go cause her parents were about to find out she wasn’t home but she gave me the slurpy mcslurp”
by Yaboibigdic March 22, 2018
The art of sucking a fat cock while twisting your hand slurping everywhere and vacuuming da dick
Bro that bih gave me a big ass Sucky sucky twisty 3000 x vaccum slurpy twist
by masterBigZ November 22, 2021
Slurpie (verb)

When Ben slobs on Natalie’s pootang
Natalie: Damn I could really go for some slurpie rn
Ben: 👀👀
Natalie: 👁👁
by Jejuwucysuwjebxjic May 6, 2018
1. A frozen drink

2. One who is giving one oral sex.
John: Hey do you want to go grab a slurpie(1)?

Lindsey: looks down Got one. (2)
by Avaline Ford March 15, 2016