A Slut With Herpes. (Slut + Herpes)
Guy #1: Yo, I had raw sex with Vicky and Wendy last night.
Guy #2: You Idiot! Those girls are Slurpies!
Guy #1: Nooooooo, Now I got Herpes!!!
by puppycat March 16, 2009
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Cunnilingus. As blowjob is to fellatio, "slurpie" is to cunnilingus.
"C'mon baby, gimmie a slurpie", she moaned, dropping her panties and spreading her legs.
by Michael August 8, 2004
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A frozen, usually fruit flavored ice drink that Arabian immigrants sell at your local 7-11.

For more on Arabian Immigrants, see also Dune Coon, Towel Head, andCamel Jockey.
Joe: Hey, Larry! Let's go get a slurpie from 7-11!

Larry: Yeah! I hear the Dune Coon is working their today!

Joe: Dammit! He always rips us off!

Larry: Oh yeah...
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When ur eating ur girl out and she squirts like a slurpie
Damn my girl did a slurpie on me🤤
by Oofmad November 11, 2018
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The act of Fellatio performed upon a limp penis lasting for more than 5 seconds.
Dude, I was so drunk I couldn't get it up. She gave me a slurpie for a good 7 seconds or so, then I passed out. It was awesome.
by Bone-PA December 30, 2010
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When eating someone out then putting in the ingredients of a slurpie into their hole then slurping it out with a straw.
Dude I had a really good pussy slurpie last night
by nalan April 4, 2015
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Typically a woman who would give oral sex in exchange for cannabis/marijuana
by 4ourty5ive November 17, 2019
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