Something that wives keep count of when you are at a party.
For example, after a couple of hours laughing and joking with the men, your wife will sidle up to you and say in a very accusing tone of voice "That's your fourth drink, you know".
That's your fourth drink, you know.
by soreofhing July 6, 2009
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1) any beverage, most often one which is or contains alcohol.
2) "in the drink" - referring to something that is over and done with.
(from the golf term, a small body of water on the course where the ball will sometimes fall into).
one more year in the let's have one more drink, shall we?
by polo January 1, 2005
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1. Alcoholic beverage.
2. Something consumed as a fluid.
1. You got the drink for the party?
2. I'm so thirsty, I need a drink.
by brendan September 16, 2004
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Drink wine
I'm drinking milk.
Drink water
I don't like to drink pee.
Drink juice
I don't want to drink your cum.
Drink soda
by coolquack7 November 11, 2014
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something girls do while their boys are playing video games
They won't turn off the 360. Lets just go get a drink.
by dirtbikechick October 4, 2008
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adj. - modifier of a noun, expressing extreme positive quality.
"That junt is drink!!!"
by Joe Sherrod October 3, 2004
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