After a man perform the Alabama Hot Pocket another person will go down on and eat her out.
When Susan said desert is served, everyone knew it was Texas Slurpie time.
by EasyE August 28, 2022
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What you find under a fat person's neck.
When grandma comes to visit my job is to clean her slurpy dough.
by Mooman123 August 3, 2017
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The ArmaPH 'Slurpy' or just 'The Slurpy' is a viscous concoction Nullblank force feeds medics and the wounded as he believes it's jam-packed with nutrients needed by the average infantry man to continue fighting, and for the wounded to quickly recover.

The ingredients needed to blend 'The Slurpy' are as follows:
- 1 Large bag of saline solution (Fresh from the bags)
- Half a cup of Mabini's Cowper's Fluid, that's been tainted brown due to excessive and constant ejaculation. This one is very hard to get in it's purest form as Mabini's sperm often taints even the first drop. See Medic manual on methods of extraction and purification.
- Period from a female blizzard employee.
- blood from the wounds of the victims from Charlie Hebdo's Office attack.
"Null gimmie the 'Slurpy' brother" - Darasum
"What the fuck?" - Mabini
by Prickles The Fucker October 23, 2022
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Mark loves steam slurpies. I think he uses an app to find them
by JAIL_BLAZE November 6, 2017
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The appearance of a guy or chick after going down on a girl during her menstrual period. Also known as clown face.
Example: "John ran out of juliet's room with a slurpy face!!!!"
by exploding cherry November 4, 2010
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A slurpy purpy is when you twist someone’s nips real hard then suck on there nuts. Before you suck on there nuts put em in ya butt
I gave my cousin a slurpy purpy last night
by Bum hole slasher January 28, 2018
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