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An expression used to challenge a person to commit an action.

Appropriate responses are as follows:
In agreement to do the action = "Who Won't?"
Not in agreement to do the action = "You right"
Absolutely not in agreement to do the action = "Are you dumb?"
To counter challenge = "YOU won't!"
When used in an overly serious manor "you won't" may be interchangeable with "You will not!"
Warning: Increased use of alcohol can and will cause excessive repetition.
Person 1: "You won't do jam and night." Person 2: "Who won't?! YOU won't!"
by R U Dumb February 04, 2010
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An expression used to challenge a person to commit an action through basic reverse psychology.
>>Go to the office Benny!
>>> Fuck you Najera!
>Sock him Benny! YOU WONT!
by Brian May 13, 2004
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The act of saying the phrase "YOU WON'T!" after someone announces they're going to do something. Generally used to be funny, and/or taunt the individual.
I'm gonna beat yo ass bro.
by Nana. September 09, 2011
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To challenge someone with a dare indirectly instead of saying i dare you.

It can also be used to challenge someones standards of themselves.
You: Yo joe, you see that girl over there? You Wont.
Joe: Watch me

Someone spills pepper in their drink
You: You Wont
He/She: No thats gross, Im not drinking pepper
by SlinkISslab March 16, 2011
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used as a dare to make people do stuff and piss them off.
its the best saying ever...but mostly used by remi.
but if you say it to any of us we will all do it cause we are fucking awesome like that.!!
"were gonna dump this bucket on you"
" you wont"
"say i wont"
by sausage and eggs April 05, 2008
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Whenever someone says they'll do something, someone else comes back with "You won't!" It's almost like a dare. If the person does said thing, the "You won't"-er usually comes back with something like "OK, so maybe you will."
Commonly used by the surf-bum kids who pioneered such gems of slang like "Dude" and "Sweet".
Person1: Man, every time my math teacher gives me homework, I want to pull a Columbine on her!

Person2: You won't!

(Person1 does. Person2 is arrested as an accessory.)


Chemistry Teacher: Now, Hydrogen gas explodes very easily. I could show you a demonstration, but I don't have time.

Pyromaniac Class: You won't! You won't!

Chemistry Teacher: Well, I GUESS we could squeeze it in...

Class: Yay!!!
by JillieManicotti February 18, 2004
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