An expression used to challenge a person to commit an action.

Appropriate responses are as follows:
In agreement to do the action = "Who Won't?"
Not in agreement to do the action = "You right"
Absolutely not in agreement to do the action = "Are you dumb?"
To counter challenge = "YOU won't!"
When used in an overly serious manor "you won't" may be interchangeable with "You will not!"
Warning: Increased use of alcohol can and will cause excessive repetition.
Person 1: "You won't do jam and night." Person 2: "Who won't?! YOU won't!"
by R U Dumb February 4, 2010
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Inverse psychology that works with many but not with everyone.
You won't... pff this one is tricky...

Just call me... I won't do it
by Ayuryari November 25, 2021
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The act of saying the phrase "YOU WON'T!" after someone announces they're going to do something. Generally used to be funny, and/or taunt the individual.
I'm gonna beat yo ass bro.
by Nana. September 10, 2011
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Whenever someone says they'll do something, someone else comes back with "You won't!" It's almost like a dare. If the person does said thing, the "You won't"-er usually comes back with something like "OK, so maybe you will."
Commonly used by the surf-bum kids who pioneered such gems of slang like "Dude" and "Sweet".
Person1: Man, every time my math teacher gives me homework, I want to pull a Columbine on her!

Person2: You won't!

(Person1 does. Person2 is arrested as an accessory.)


Chemistry Teacher: Now, Hydrogen gas explodes very easily. I could show you a demonstration, but I don't have time.

Pyromaniac Class: You won't! You won't!

Chemistry Teacher: Well, I GUESS we could squeeze it in...

Class: Yay!!!
by JillieManicotti February 18, 2004
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I phrase used by Jake Paul and Team 10. Only dumb people say this phrase.
by Alpha Cue August 15, 2018
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a phrase to be uttered when doubt that an individual will follow through with an action is present.
1: Jump over that bridge, no rocks, you won't
2: Bet
*2 then runs toward the bridge, but chickens out*
by cinimodde October 19, 2018
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expression used by people, often while playing sports in gym or practicing for their band; challenge of skill;
Guy about to shoot a basketball: I'm gonna make it in!
Other Guy: You won't!
Guy: Say I won't
Other Guy: You won't LOSER
Guy shoots and makes it in
Guy: OH! OH! who da man?
by Kay March 21, 2004
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