Natalie is a wonderful person. She's really genuine, kind, talented, and beautiful (but that's not something you say to her often). She's really artistic and talented but denies it. You can trust Natalie with anything. She'll never tell your secrets and will never make fun of them. You should do the same to her. Natalie is also really funny. She's the type of person you'll have a lot of inside jokes with. You'll want to spend hours talking to her, or listening to her talk, wasting time like it's nothing. She'll go on and on but you'll never get tired of hearing what she has to say. She'll make you forget you're problems and make you feel like you'll never be alone. She sometimes worries a lot too, but that's fine, she's just showing she cares. And she sometimes gets nervous when she's going to say something that is important to her and that's okay. You should show Natalie compassion and give her more hugs while you're at it.

Natalie is also a great friend. Any friend of a Natalie knows that she is kind but her actions can sometimes be misinterpreted. But, her friends know to forgive her because there's only one of her and you never want to lose her. Her friends love her very much.

If you have a Natalie, make her feel loved. And if you are Natalie, accept it. <3
I'm lucky to have Natalie. She's the best and I love her so much. I love every single thing about her. I want her to know that I really love her and that I'm a very lucky guy to have her.
by eldercito-tofu-lord May 21, 2019
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A shy but cool friend. She’s brave and smart but doesn’t really see it. It is incredibly gorgeous. She is not very popular but a lot of guys have crushes on her but are too afraid to admit it. She always tries her hardest to make new friends everyday but she does not take shit so watch out. She has often doubts herself which makes her works her ass off. She seems like a quiet, shy and not really an interesting person to talk to but once you get to know her she is a friendly, happy, loud, talkative person. The ways she looks at you straight into your eyes makes you immediately fall in love with her. She is also unexpectedly a badass they been thought some shit, she is not afraid of tell you straight to you face if your being an asshole. If you ever find Natalie keep her because she is worth it.
“Wow Natalie makes my day
“She’s so beautiful she must be a Natalie
by Catalie May 12, 2019
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A very talented, beautiful girl who doesn't know it. She is shy at first, but when she opens up to you she is kind and humorous. She is intelligent and has determination to succeed. Natalie doesn't let anything get in the way of what she wants. Natalie will brighten up any room with her beautiful smile.
Natalie is a lot different than I thought she was.

Natalie is so funny!
Natalie is so very talented!!!
by TheatreTeen September 16, 2014
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She doesn’t need makeup to be attractive, she doesn’t need to wear low-cut tops or miniskirts to look great. She attracts people with her personality, always cheerful, faithful and loyal, friendly and a good friend. She always has good advice to solve her friends’ problems, and she feels these problems as if they were her own. She’s won the title of best friend, although some of them have left her disappointed.
by SwaggerJagger123 April 29, 2016
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A cute girl who might not realize she is cute, but when she does realize, it is funny and especially cute!
Gets annoyed when people are being annoying and stupid. Gets sad and mad when her friends are sad and mad. Never mess with Natalie when she is angry...
She sincerely tries to be the best friend, tries to have the best friends, wants to be friends with any nice person she meets or anyone who she thinks is a good person. Tries to be a lot of things and she won't stop trying to be them all even if people tell her it is impossible.
Over thinks life in general...
She is sad when her friends go down the wrong path. She is sad when friends forget about her or have friends that are better than her even if it is selfish.
Any guy would be content for life with a Natalie. And any guy should be happy with someone like her.
Don't be fooled: NATALIES ARE NOT PERFECT... and they know that no one in the world is... :)
Have a good sense of right and wrong.
SOmeone: Natalie you are a god send.
Natalie: Well if you'r talking about the Christian God than I would say everything is a god send so that isn't much of a compliment. But if you are talking about the ancient greek or egyptian or roman gods than I would be insulted! I mean, look at Pandora!
by katenatbug October 27, 2015
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A girl who is totally timid and shy around new people, but once you get to know her, she will become one of your best friends. She doesn't have many boyfriends, because she has trouble expressing how she really feels about people. She easily goes along with the flow. She is very confident, but gets hurt very easily. She is a very sensitive girl, but she doesn't let it show, because she doesn't want to involve those around her. Very kind, smart, and beautiful. She is the perfect girl.
"That girl over there meets all of my needs! She's perfect! I wonder what her name is!"
"She's perfect! She must be a Natalie!"
by Tennessee Bitch May 31, 2013
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Natalie Is a talented person who is absolutely gorgeous like how. She might sing and act but her best talent is stealing your heart.
by Secret💜💜 June 17, 2018
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