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An adjective used in describing a person deliberately fishing for compliments, attention, etc.
She is always posting pictures with extreme cleavage, thirsty much?
by justadino March 02, 2015
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The need to gain fame and admiration through social media such as instagram and the like by posting "selfie" pictures to boost the self esteem. There are three degrees of culpability when it comes to the thirstiness of an individual
A. Purposely: i.e the person takes pictures of themselves in gym mirrors, bathroom mirrors, or any mirror possible
B. Knowingly: i.e the person knowing that they are in the photo of another person, poses in the hopes of gaining some likes
C. Recklessly: Goes around acting like people care about them with a substantial disregard to the fact that no one actually cares
girl: I have so many followers on instagram people must be really interested in my life

guy: No its because all the pictures you post are half naked selfies you thirsty hoe
by mac mizzle September 26, 2013
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1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate
(Boy running up) "Ay gurl whasup? Look, you lookin real nice, can I get that young number?"

(Girl under breath) "Thirsty"
by Giddy December 03, 2003
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(adj) Slightly dehydrated.
(adj) Willing to perform absurd, often humiliating actions in an attempt to date or engage in sexual intercourse with someone. Willing to date or engage in sexual intercourse with anyone (particularly unattractive people).
(when combined with a noun) One who attempts to falsely convince others that they are dating or have engaged in sexual intercourse with someone attractive. One who creates or believes the name-definitions on
Synonymous with hoe, fuckboy, desperate.
Antonymous to contented, one who gets pussy, one who gets bitches.
"I have not consumed water since 08:00. I am thirsty."

"Josh asked for my number but I don't even know him."
"Don't worry, Arianna, that's just a thirsty ass nigga."

"Josh said he fucked Arianna but we all know he's just a thirsty dumbass."
"Yeah, if he fucked anyone it would be that ugly-ass Shondra!"

"Why are these thirsty bitches posting guys' names on urban dictionary and typing 'big dick' in every single one?"
"That's nothing compared to all the thirsty fuckboys who think they have big dicks because their name's urban dictionary definition said so, and the ones who think urban dictionary is an acceptable way to write anonymous love notes."
by Frederick H W C Johnson November 21, 2016
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Singular: Thirsty

Plural: A group of men or women desperately trying to get the attention, admiration, or love of a member of the opposite sex.
Answering machine message:

"Hello. You have reached Lola. I am not home. But for all of you THIRSTIES out there, leave me a message and I'll call you back."
by Khari Shabazz December 23, 2009
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First and foremost this word describes someone who is trying to be "put on, be chosen," or simply garner lots of attention. If you don't know what those things mean, chances are you're using the word "thristy" incorrectly.
Examples of people who define "thirsty":
1.That chick at the club trying desperately to get into the VIP section.
2.The guy that hits on every last chick in a group of girlfriends.
3.The girl or guy whose top goal is to impress other people (this could be dressing a certain way solely to obtain complements, frequenting certain establishments just to be seen there, etc.)

If you have friends who fit this description it is your duty to call them out. If you find yourself fitting into one of the aforementioned categories, do some soul searching, IMMEDIATELY! If you see someone you don't know or care about who fits these descriptions, just sit back and enjoy the live entertainment.
by Just a random chick August 23, 2012
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